Recipe: Mozzarella Cheese paratha

mozzarella cheese paratha

Mozzarella Cheese paratha is very easy and quick recipe and It tastes very good. As cheese is a very high in calorie, protein, Vitamins and other nutrients, cheese paratha is very good option for part of breakfast. Here I am writing recipe for making this paratha.


Recipe: Nenua(Tori)-Chana Sabji

tori chana

Tori(Nenua) is summer green vegetable, cultivated across India. It is great source of vitamins, iron and other minerals which are required for our body in summer. There are many dishes of tori like mustard & coriander based gravy, bharta with kalonji, with onion, with chana etc.


Recipe: Litti Chokha(Bati Chokha) in Oven

Litti chokha is very delicious Eastern UP, Bihari dish. There are many versions of this dish. Some are made from only wheat flour and some are made with atta and filling of sattu(roasted gram flour) with several spices. Some time we are cooking bati by frying it some time we are baking it kandi(Doung Cake) fire. This usually served with chokha, chutney, pickle and butter.