Aloo Palak Baigan Sag (Varanasi Style)

Easy and healthy recipe for making palak, sowa and baigan saag in Varanasi style.

Aloo (potato), Bhanta (Eggplant) and Palak( Spinach) sag (bhaji) is very common recipe of north India. In Varanasi style sag additional ingredient is sowa and in Varanasi region you will get sowa with Palak(Integral Part Sowa Palak). Sowa is just Fennel(Saunf) like herb vegetable, it essence is very sweet and it gives very unique test to all vegetable recipe.

Note: For making any vegetable which is a rich source of vitamin C and iron use Iron pan avoid Aluminium pan, because Aluminium is not good for Health.

Ingredient for 3-4 serve as side dish

  1. Palak 750 gm
  2. Sowa 100 gm
  3. Baigan(Brinjal) 250 gm
  4. Potato 150 gm
  5. Tomato 1 (Optional)
  6. Garlic clove 7-8
  7. Red dried chilly 2(Whole)
  8. Kohrauri(Masala Badi) 2 pc
  9. Cumin(Jira) 1 tablespoon
  10. Mustard oil 3-4 spoon
  11. Salt to taste
  1. Clean and wash palak and sowa very carefully.
  2. Chop palak and sowa finely (Use chopping board)
  3. Peal potato and cut in cubes(Pealing is optional, Use cleanly washed potato for better test)
  4. Take round Brinjal (Bhanta) and cut into cubes
  5. Finely chop garlic cloves
  6. Put pan on stove and heat mustard oil
  7. After heating of oil add jira and wait till crackle
  8. Add Kohrauri and red chilly by breaking it into 2-3 paces and fry them till chilly and badi gets brown
  9. Add chopped garlic and fry them for moment
  10. Now add chopped palak, sowa and add salt, mix it on high flame
  11. And finely add potato and brinjal and mix them well and cook by putting the pan lid and stir in between and after 5 minutes add tomato by cutting it into 4 piece and cook till potato get soft.
  12. If you don’t want liquid in you sag(good for Tongue but not good in nutritional values) , dry liquid by cooking on high flame.

Banarasi style sag is ready to serve as side dish along with chapatti, rice and dal. Don’t forget put green chilly with sag.

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