Gulkand recipe and health benefits

Gulkand is a sweet jam like preparation of rose petals. ‘Gul’ means flower and ‘Quand’ means sweet (in arabic).   It has cooling action on the body. Gulkand is mild anti-pitta laxative that cures constipation especialy in summer seasons.  For preparing Gulkand desi gulab should selected which has healthy flowers.
Some pharmacies prepare Gulkand with praval pishti, cardamomp, Muktapishti.   These ingredients enhances Gulkands cooling properties.
Other names: Rose petal jam, Gulqand

Ingredients for Gulkand

Rose flowers, sugar or misri,  Sunlight
The ratio of rose petal and sugar should be 1:2 that is use sugar in double amount compared to petals. Use only Desi Gulab petals. You can substitute sugar with misri.

Preparation of Gulkand

  • Traditional method
    Pluck the rose petals and wash with water to clean dirt. Remove all water by spreading on clean and neat towel.
  • In an airtight glass container put alternate layers of fresh rose petal and sugar.
  • Put this jar in sunlight for 6- 7 hours daily for one month. Stir the content regularly.
  • This causes sugar to melt and jam like sweet Gulkand is formed over the time.

Instant method

  • For this method you will need dried rose petals, sugar, water and no sunlight but stove for cooking.
  • First dry the rose petals in shade. Put dried petals, sugar and water in pan.
  • Cook at low flame till all sugar melts and mixture thickens which is gulkand.
  • Although Gulkand can be prepared from various methods but traditional method is best as in that process neither direct heat is used nor dried petals are required.
  • You just add fresh petals and sugar which over the time coverts into Gulkand which has the goodness of fresh roses.

Health benefits of eating Gulkand

  • Antioxidant and rejuvenator
  • Ayurvedic health tonic for good health
  • Gives energy and good health
  • Good for the digestive system
  • Cures constipation, acidity and heartburn
  • Reduces pitta, heat in the body
  • Gives relief in the burning sensation in legs, eyes, body
  • Gives relief in over bleeding in menstruation and menstrual pain
  • Helpful in white discharge from vagina (Shwet pradar)
  • Gives relief in nausea, vomiting in pregnancy
  • Good for the skin. purifies blood and cure pimples, acne and other skin problems
  • Has calming effect on the nervous system

The Dose of Gulkand

2-4 teaspoons of gulkand twice a day with milk.
Also manufactured by: Shree Baidyanath (With praval).

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