Rose Honey Recipe and Health benefits

Rose is prickly shrub with beautiful aromatic flowers. It is an ornamental plant which is grown throughout India.  The Latin name for rose is Rosa centifolia. Rose petals have cooling, anti-inflammatory, aphrodisiac, digestive, carminative, rejuvenating and tonic properties.

Botanical name: Rosa centifolia
Family: Rosaceae
Other Names of Rose: Gulab, Satapatri, Rosapoo, Troja, province rose, cabbage rose or Rose de mai

Recipe for making rose honey

  • Rose honey is easy to make herbal preparation using petals of rose flower.
  • Rose petals are washed and dried by spreading on clean cloth.
  • Then these are placed in glass jar. Honey is poured on petals.
  • The amount of honey should be twice to amount of petal.
  • Then lid is closed and mixture is kept in sun for a few weeks.
  • This prepares rose infused honey.

Health Benefits of Rose petals Honey

  • Good for the heart and digestive system
  • Heart and nerve tonic
  • Blood purifier
  • Gives relief in sore throat
  • Gives relief in respiratory infection symptoms such as cold, cough
  • You can apply this externally on skin for moisturizing skin

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