Zandu Satavarex Granules for increasing breast milk

Satavarex Granules is proprietary ayurvedic medicine from Zandu to improve lactation. This Ayurvedic medicine contains Shatavari (Asparagus racemosus) which is known for its galactagogue effect. It is non hormonal and natural.  Dried root powder of Asparagus racemosus is helpful in increasing breast milk in nursing mothers. It also increases fertility. It is helpful in regulating hormonal secretion in woman. Shatavari root powder is used by men to cure nocturnal emission and increasing fertility.
This supplement can also be used in pregnancy as it provides nutrition to growing foetus and mother. There is no known side effect of this and is safe for mothers and baby.

Uses of Zandu Satavarex Granules

  • Improve inadequate lactation
  • Longer lactation
  • Smooth milk flow
  • Nutritional supplement during pregnancy

Dosage of Zandu Satavarex Granules

2 table spoon twice a day mixed with milk.

This supplement is easily available in medicine stores and online health stores.

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