Medicinal use of Mulethi or liquorice

Mulethi(Liquorice) is a herb which has very excellent medicinal properties to treat various illness. There are many home remedies of liquorice.

Licorice or Mulethi is a medicinal herb which is used in various Ayurvedic medicines. Its underground stems and roots are used for medicinal purpose. It has antioxidant, antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory and hepatoprotective properties.
Mulethi is useful in cough, sore throat, bronchitis, sexual weakness, skin problems, jaundice, hoarseness, vata dosha, ulcers etc. It has demulcent and expectorant properties.

licorice for baldness

General Information

Common names in different languages

  1. Latin name: Glycyrrhiza glabra
  2. Sanskrit: Madhuyashti
  3. Hindi: Mulhatti, Jethimadh, Mithilakdi
  4. English: Sweetwood, Liquorice, Licorice
  5. Bengali: Jashtimadhu
  6. Gujrati: Jethi Madh
  7. Marathi: Jeshtamadhu
  8. Kannada: Jeshthamadhu
  9. Malayalam: Itarttimadhuram, Erattimadhuram
  10. Tamil: Atimadhuram
  11. Telugu: Atimadhuramu

Here are few remedies using licorice or mulethi which can be done at home to cure various clinical conditions.

  • Mouth sores

    Mix mulethi powder in lukewarm water and gargle 4 to 5 times in a day.

  • Weakness

    Mix mulethi, shatawar and musli powder. Take this powder twice a day.

  • Cold and Cough, Upper respiratory infections

    Take piece of mulethi root, tulsi (5-6 leaves), pudina (few leaves) and cook at low flame for 10 mins. Filter and drink.

  • Boils

    Take mulethi leaves and apply on affected area.

  • Wounds

    Grind mulethi roots and apply on affected area.

  • Ulcer, Ulcerative colitis

    Mulethi is very useful in ulcer. It reduces secretion from stomach and produces thick protective mucus  lining which protects stomach from inflammations gastritis and peptic ulcerations.
    Grind mulethi(7 gms) and cook in water (400 gm) till it reduces to 200 ml. Filter and drink.

  • Hoarseness of voice

    Take mulethi, misri and black pepper and chew.

  • Eye related problems, digestive system problem

    Take mulethi powder, fennel powder and amla powder. Mix all powders. Take this churna twice a day with water.

  • Dry skin, pimples, Glow on skin

    Mix mulethi powder with milk and apply on skin.

  • Increase breast milk

    Mix shatavar and mulethi powder. Cook in milk for few minutes. Add misri and drink.

  • Palpitation

    Make decoction of mulethi root and Arjun bark. Filter and drink.
    Make decoction of mulethi and drink.

Mulethi should not be consumed during pregnancy.


  1. Padarthy Bhaskara Rao

    But rare herb Atimadhuram availed in Himalayas used as an additive for chronic diseases values in £1mn per kilogram which I came to know in 1998-99. Please try if you wish to serve to the patients millionaires,billionairs.

    Pardon me if you find wrong information,suggestion.

    • Yes, you are partially correct. According to “Bhavprakash Nighantu” Best liquorice is found in Egypt, second best is from Arab and third best from Turk region. Later started cultivation in Europe and Sindh, Punjab and Chinab(Himalaya) is also good but not potent for medicinal uses. Price you mentioned is unbelievable. Now we can not make sure of potency of Liquorice.

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