Digestive Weakness Information and Ayurvedic medicines

Know the reason for week digestion according to Ayurveda. Detailed list of some important Ayurvedic medicine to improve digestion. Learn about some dietary tips and ayurvedic herbal medicines to treat agnimanda.

Agnimandya is derived from two words Agni (Fire or Digestive Juices) and Manda (Low), so the condition in which the food is not properly digested due to the diminished power of Jaṭharagni (digestive juices) is known as Agnimandya. In Ayurveda, Agnimandya is considered principal cause for all metabolic disorders commencing with indigestion (ajirna).

Agnimandya can be due to irregular dietary habits, excessive intake of liquids, avoidance of natural bowel reflex, habit of irregular sleep. Sometimes, Agnimandya is the symptoms of certain other diseases such as fever, anemia, diarrhea, sprue, indigestion, piles, etc.

The synonym for Agnimandya is Deficient digestive power, Dyspepsia, Loss of digestive power, Impaired digestion, and Weak digestive power.

Effect of Agnimandya on health

Pachak Agni or Digestive fire is an essential for the complete and proper digestion of food. When digestive fire is low, food is not properly digested and absorbed. This causes buildup of toxins in the body or Ama.

  1. Accumulation of Ama causes many diseases. Ama acts like poison.
  2. It weakens the body due to poor nutrition.
  3. Therefore Agnimandya is the principal cause for all metabolic disorders.

Causes of Agnimandya

  1. Excessive drinking of fluids
  2. Eating very dry, oily, heavy meals
  3. Eating junk food
  4. Taking incompatible diet
  5. Suppression of natural urges
  6. Stress, worry, fear, anger
  7. Drinking caffeinated drinks, etc.

Symptoms of Agnimandya

  1. Agnimandya is characterized by loss of appetite, loss of taste, weakness in digestion, excessive salivation, sour eructation, and heaviness of stomach and head.
  2. Indigestion, loss of appetite, difficult digestion
  3. Pain in abdomen
  4. Vomiting, diarrhea
  5. Bloating, heaviness in abdomen, gas, hard abdomen, tenderness
  6. Sour burps

Main drugs used for Agnimandya

Below is given few herbs which are used to treat digestive weakness.

Sonth(Dry ginger powder): It is pungent (Rasa), sharp, heavy, dry (Guna), hot (Virya) and Madhur Vipak. It reduces Vata, Kapha and increases Pitta. It mainly works on digestive system.

Pippali( Long pepper): It is Pungent, hot and sweet. It reduces Vata and Kapha and increases pitta. It improves the digestive fire.

Marich(Black pepper): It is Pungent, hot and reduces Vata and Kapha and increases pitta. It has carminative and Stimulant action.

Chitrak( White Leadwort): It is hot in potency. It increases Vata and Kapha and increases pitta. It is given to treat Sprue, worms, colitis, indigestion, hemorrhoids, anasarca, diarrhea and gas. It should not be used in pregnancy.

Chavya / Java Long Pepper: It is stimulant and carminative. It gives relief in colic, dyspepsia and gastralgia (intense pain, situated in the epigastric region).

Jirak(Cumin seeds): It is pungent and hot. It is Dipana and Pachana. It increases gastric juice secretion, improves stomach tone, promotes appetite, and digestion. It gives relief in colitis, gas, digestion, abdominal pain and distention.

Draksha(Vitis vinifera): It is cures digestive disorders and gas. It has nutritious, sweet, refrigerant, laxative, demulcent, hematinic, hemostatic and cooling action.

Saindava(Rock salt): It is salty (Rasa), wet, heavy, penetrating (Guna), hot (Virya) and Madhur Vipak. It reduces Vata and increases Pitta, and Kapha. It is Dipana (appetite stimulant) and Pachana (digestive) and treats indigestion. It is anulomna (causes Vata to move downward), Tikshna (penetrating to subtle channels), and Sleshmna (increases mucous). Rock salt, stimulates digestion by increases digestive enzymes.

Shankha Bhasma: It is anodyne, carminative, digestive and stimulant.

Home Remedies for Agnimandya

For treating Agnimandya, generally the drugs with digestive and carminative activities are given.

  1. Take dry ginger powder (also known as Sunthi) in a dose of 2 grams, twice daily with warm water.
  2. Take juice of ginger in a dose of 5 ml, with salt or Gud (Jaggery) twice daily before the meal.
  3. Take Haritaki Powder in a dose of 3 grams, twice daily before a meal with salt or Gud (jaggery).
  4. Drink lemon juice (5-10 ml) three times a day after the meal.
  5. Take equal parts of Haritaki powder + Shunti powder + Rock salt in powder form, and mix with Jaggery. This is to be taken in a dose of 1 to 3 gram with warm water once a day before first meal.
  6. Take Chitrak Plumbago zeylanica + Maricha Piper nigrum + Pippali Piper longum + Pippali Mula Piper longum and Jiraka Cuminum cyminum in equal amount. Mix all the ingredients to make a medicinal powder. This powder should be taken in a dose of 2.5 gram two times a day, about one hour before the meals for one month.

Ayurvedic medicine for Agnimandya

  1. Agnitundi Vati
  2. Ajamodadi Churna
  3. Chitrakadi Vati
  4. Dadimashtaka churnam
  5. Jirkadyarishta
  6. Hingwashtak Churna
  7. Lavan Bhaskar Churna
  8. Shivakshar Pachan churna
  9. Shankha Vati

Dietary tips

  1. Try to identify the causative factors.
  2. Do not drink water while having meal.
  3. Chew your food properly.
  4. Avoid eating full stomach.
  5. Take frequent, small meals.

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