Ayurvedic Treatments are very effective for Male Sexual disorders

There are some problems that are specific to male only such as premature ejaculation, low sperm count, impotence, erectile dysfunction etc. In Indian traditional medicine system Ayurveda, there are many good medicines that helps to cure such sexual problems.

Reproductive system is a very important part of the body and like any other system, it may suffer from various disorders. There are some problems that are specific to male only such as premature ejaculation, low sperm count, impotence, erectile dysfunction, etc. In Indian traditional medicine system Ayurveda, there are many good medicines that helps to cure such sexual problems. Some proprietary medicines are also available for these problems. Below is list of such medicines.

List of Ayurvedic medicines useful in sexual disorders

Here is list of few medicine that are indicated in the treatment of spermatorrhoea, erectile dysfunction/ impotence (inability to develop or maintain an erection), premature ejaculation, sexual weakness and improving fertility. It is advised to read medicine labels carefully and consult some ayurvedic doctors if not sure to use.

  • Chandraprabha vati, 1 tablet twice a day with milk.
  • Yauvanamrita Vati 2 tablets, twice a day with milk.
  • Shilajit Rasayan, 1-2 tablets, twice a day with milk.
  • Shilajit Sat 1 or 2 drops with milk.
  • Ashwagandha pak 10-15 grams, twice a day with milk.
  • Musli pak, 2.5 grams, once or twice a day with warm milk.
  • Ashwagandharistha, 10-20 ml with an equal amount of water, twice a day after the meal.
  • Ashwagandha churna, 5 grams, twice a day with milk.
  • Speman tablet (Himalaya), 12 tablets twice a day after meals.
  • Tentex Forte (Himalaya), 1-2 tablets twice a day.

Home remedy for improving sexual health

  • This is a simple preparation which requires four ingredients viz. Ashwagandha, Shatavar, Safed Musli and Kaunch beej. Take all ingredients in equal amount. Grind them to prepare a powder or churna. Take 5 grams of this powder, twice a day with milk.
  • Daily eat Khajur with milk. You can boil (3-5) dates in milk for a few minutes. Drink the milk and chew the dates. Black raisins can also be taken.
  • Regularly do Anulom-Vilom and Kapalbhati pranayam for half an hour.
  • This remedy requires milk and 6 garlic cloves. Crush garlic and boil in a glass of milk. When volume reduces to half cup, filter and drink. You can add sugar to make it more palatable. Drink this preparation twice a day.
  • Drink milk regularly

The medicines and remedies are useful in treating sexual disorders. But it is equally important to take nutritious diet and do regular exercise. For treating sexual weakness, Yog Guru Baba Ramdev recommends regular practice of doing (Alternate Nostril Breathing) and Kapalbhati Pranayam (Rapid Exhaling Breath) for 15 to 20 minutes. Deep breathing exercises helps to calm mind and provide fresh oxygen to the body. This helps in removing negativity and some psychological problems. Kapalbhati pranayam helps to improve digestion, cleanses body, cures respiratory illness, strengthen abdominal muscles and supply oxygen to the body. Daily go for brisk walk. Few Aasana are also recommended. These are Surya Namaskar asan, Sheersasana and Sarwang asana.


  1. Madam,
    I am 47 years old man have low libido & premature ejaculation. I am taking mixture of ashavaganda, Safed Musali, Shatavar and Kaunchbeej in equal amount with Honey & 4 dates in night after dinner since 10 days but no improvement seen only constipation started. Please suggest me.

  2. Hi maam,

    I am having problem of premature ejacuation.

    I am going to use ashwagandha, shatavari with milk for premature ejacuation and also workout 1 hour daily.

    So can you please let me whether its safe to use or suggest any other option please.

  3. Namaste Anupama

    I was addicted to masturbation in my teenage, now am unable to perform sex with my partner i ejaculate soon n not enjoying sexual life..

    Kindly help me out n suggest some remedy

    Note : due to skin allergy n rhinitis am taking septilin n sariva kalpa..

  4. Hi madam.am suffering from severe premature ejaculation.no other health issues.kindly suggest some safe and easily available ayurvedic medicines which are best for said problem.i live in mumbai.
    Reply please

    • You do not need to worry, it’s normal in starting, just talk to you partener and keep doing and playing after some time it will be normal. Just try to control your self doing deep breathing.

  5. Can i take blend of Talmakhan, Ashwagandha, safed musli, satavari, kaunch seed powder 5 gram with milk daily ?

    i tried to mix above blend in milk but its forming a rubber type of thing and not getting mixed with milk ?
    how to take above blend ?
    please suggest

  6. mam i am under 17 yrs old can i took moosli pak baba ramdev product and i also join gym since 3-4 days

  7. what is the correct way to mix all the medicine ashgandha , satavar, safed musli kaunch beej

  8. what is the right ratio of mixing satavar, safed musli , aswgandha, kunch beej, salam pak ,
    and can we take the salam pak along with musli pak

  9. Hi Anupama,
    my husband and i have been married for 9 years, no kids due to unexplained infertility. I had 2 miscarriages before. I’ve started taking Himalaya’s Shatavari for 2 weeks now. I also read that Ashwagandha and Evecare is good for female.
    On the other hand, I was planning to buy Speman for my husband, but also read that Shatavari and Ashwagandha is good for male as well.
    I’m confused on what to consume now.
    Is it alright to consume all at alternate doses?
    Would you be able to advise us?

  10. Is there any ayurvedic treatment for female sexual disorder (such as lack of interest in sex, low libido, no excitement etc)? I am 30 years old with regular period.

  11. i dont like milk if all ingredents powder boil in water and drink after cool what will happen

    • Milk is good carrier to digest these herbs, if you have some helth problem with milk then try to take with honey, other wise water is always an option.

  12. Maam
    can I take all these ashwagandha musali satavari and kounch beej
    because after little walk or doing work at home I get tiered.

    Pls reply

  13. i am 24year old i am having erectile desfucntion & prematute ejaculation problem, can i take ashwagandha gokshura & safed musali tablets together 1000mg at a time

  14. Hi
    The taste of this mixture is so bad so i am mixing it with honey and making tablets then taking it with cold milk..will it effect ? And how long i should take

  15. Hi maam..im 28 i started facing ED problem since last one month..im doing kapaalbhati 15 minutes and starting to take these churans
    Can u please tell me in how much time will my problem will be cured

  16. Madam, I m taking the equal quantity of ashwagantha,satawari,saved Muslim n kaunj beej with milk twice a day as well as chandrapravavati, yaunamrit vati n shilajeet rasayan tablet twice a day.Is it possible to cure my pre ejaculation in sexual disorder the most n how long to use,pls reply.

  17. Hello mam,

    I have 1 question plz reply asap cn i take konch beej powder of pata jali twice a day of 5gm per serving?? Without consulting a doctor??

  18. Can i take milk with crush garlic cloves and khajoor and ashwangandaha…by mixing all in one time with milk…please reply.

  19. Hello Madam
    Ashwagandha, Satavar, Swet musli and konch beez powder mix in milk and drink OR these powder eat first then after drink milk.I am confused.
    Please guide me.

  20. Hi Anupama,

    i am having high cholesterol level,I am suffering from PE and ED .i am age of 30 yrs .my testosterone level is low too.kindly you advice me Ayurveda medicine or good Ayurveda doctor in Bangalore.who works genuinely and don’t cheat.

  21. Ma’am , earlier I used to go to atleast 5 to 6 times for motion, moment I was eating anything, within few hours I used to go for motion. But now since 1 year, I am suffering from constipation. Around 4 to 5 times, there was even bleeding in the stool, I took arshodani vati of baidyanath, I got relieve in bleeding, now as such bleeding problem is not there. Even I am facing erectile dysfunction problem above a year. I tried ashwagandha powder plus kaunch beej powder, semento capsule, chandraprabha vati. I didn’t get any benefit. Then I did a 45 days course of vita ex capsule. Still I haven’t got any benifit.

    • Dear Gaurav Try this also : Take a beetroot cut it in to pieces and eat it 2-3 hours before sex. Initially take it for couple of days then it will start working. It will change the colour of urine red or pink but not to worry. After taking it for 3-4 days regularly you should start taking it on alternate days.Believe me it is the best medicine for instant natural energy for sex drive. No need to make a juice of beetroot.

  22. I am diabetic, hypertension patient . Before 1yr ago spine koch,s(T.B.) I have sexuel problems ,for Erectile dysfunction, also P.E. Secondly constipation, acidity problems.so I can take Muslim powder, aswaganda powder,shatsvar power ,please guide me

  23. Can we mix Swet Musli + Ashwagandha + Kooch Beej + Gokhru + Shatavar in equal quantity and store it. 5 grams 2 times a day with milk is enough

  24. 1) What other bhasmas/ herbs (like yasthimadhu, gokharu etc) can be mixed with these above 4 churnas to make it more powerful?
    2) You are saying 2/3 times per week night fall is healthy, but
    I am feeling tired & sleepy after my nightfall which occurs twice a month. What I have to do?

    • Twice a month is very normal, For your problem just visit a dr., he will tell you what is problem after examination.

      • Thanks madam for quick reply.
        I visited to arya vaid shala & for my ED, doctor precribed ashwandharist+ mritsanjivani+ vasant kusumakar ras 1 cap two times per day & siddha makardhwaj+ abhrak bhasma at bed time with spermakot granule(ingredients are kaunch beej+ shatavari+ jaiphal). I have taken it for 3 months & got some better condition, but not the best. But on 4th time, he also prescribed the same . I told him about heavy metal in these medicines & he told that these are in purified form & can be taken throughout life. But in some other post , I have seen that these medicines should not be taken for more than 3 months. So should I continue this or have to take some other medicines?
        After that I visited Patanjali clinic & doctor prescribed Ashwagandha+ shatavari+ safed mushli+ kaunch beej + Vang bhasma 5gm + praval pisti 4 gm+ vasant kusumakar ras 1gm + makardhwaj 2gm along with youvanamrit vati & chandraprava vati 1 tablet twice. At bed time massage of badam rogan in penis.
        What will be ideal for me or any other medicine as per your prescription as these companies only prescribe the medicines that available with them. Should i stick to 1st doctor or take medicine from patanjali?
        Also please guide me what extra has to be done for better result.

        • go back to first, very good institute, far better than patanjali

          • 1)Can we take heavy metal medicines (like vasant kusumakar ras/ siddha makardhwaj etc) for a very long period?
            2) How long (or in what procedure) should heavy metal ingredient medicines should be taken for safe measure/ without side effect?

          • No you can not take for long term, for measurement of dosage and duration you need to consult an Ayurvedic doctor. Never take any medicine containing metals without consulting a doctor.

      • dear mam, can u please tell me. how to make kauch beej powder. some suggest bowled first in milk than remove top layer and grind . please reply

  25. Mdm, Can we get these all 4 churn mentioned( Aswagandha Churna,shatavar Churna,swet Musli Churna & Kaunch Beej) in one bottle from Ramdev baba store?

    Thanks fro reply.

  26. I had severe jaundice now recovered been 10 months but fatty liver and gallbladder stone. Can I take Ashwagandha shatavar safed Musli launch k beej mixture for better sex n good erection

  27. Hello Mam! I Want To Say, Can I Take Aswagandha Churna,shatavar Churna,swet Musli Churna & Kaunch Beej In On Time Without Any Prescription Of Any Ayurvedic Dr..??

  28. Hi, Mam I am 33 years old. Is it good to take powder of ashavgandha, white musli, kaunch beej and shatavar everyday in summer season or winter season? Kahi yeh summer me garam to nahi hota?

  29. I have thyroid problem my thyroid level is 8 can i take shatavar safed musli ashwagandha and kaunch beez misture and is this mixture side effect is possible

  30. Can we use Ashwagandha,safed musali, sataver,Kinch ke deej summer season please Ripley men

  31. hi
    good day to you!
    Mam, we are 30 year old married and suffering from night fall and our digestion power too much weak, pls suggest medicine.
    can we take ashwaganda, shatawar, musli, kaunch beech powder.

  32. What are side effects of Mixture of ashwagandha gokhru and saalam musli???and wat should be amount of dosage??

  33. I have erctile disfunction and premature ejaculation can i take ramdeobaba’s four powder mix medecine ( ashwagadha,sharavat, kaunch beej, shwet musli ) daily i will not face the side effects

  34. Mam, can I mix Akarkara power with Ashwagandha, Safed Museli, Kaunch beej and Shatawari poweders and take 5gm twice a day.

  35. What are side effects of using ashwagandha shatavri safeed musli without doctor prescription.
    I have seen a video of Baba ramdev ji recommending these herbs. He said it has no side effects

  36. Ma’am I’m 25 years old married man and I had not night fall for last 3-4 years..is there any problem??

  37. I know …but i want to healthy ….these days I’m feeling so weak…tell me .can I use it…?

  38. I’m only 17 year old…in childhood I have used some masturbations….I stopped it 1 year ago…but few days ago I feel nightfall….and now it happens 2 times in 10 days…I mean 6 time in a month….can I use it safed musli,kaunch ke beech,ashwagandha,shatawar…..daily 4 gram only..?

  39. I am heart patient is mixture of safed musli ashvagandha konch beej shatavari is harmful to me or useful.

  40. mam
    patanjali honey and garlic also improve sparm count .

  41. side effect of ashwagandha + vidarikand +talmakhana seeds + kali and safed musli + gokshura + bala + nagbala + kaunch seeds + vanshlochan taken together
    If any please reply

  42. Hi ma’am I have mixed safed musli 100 gm, ashwagandha 100gm , mishri 100 gm ,ilaichi 30 gm, and kalonchi 20gm as suggest by my friend . and take it 1 table spoon in morning and evening from last two days . but I not feeling any excitement and not even tight Ness in my penis . how much time it will take plz suggest .

  43. I lost interest in sex what i do is there any medicine ?? Is ashvagandha , satawar and safed musali helps in that case ??

  44. mam i have bought all 4 medicne from patanjali my question is that whether i should merge all these powder in a bottle (100gm each) and take 5gm daily.
    or i should make mixtue on daily basis
    in sabko ek saath mix kaake rakh du kya bottle me aur roj lu
    ya roj alag alag powder se mixtue banana hai
    plzzz reply

  45. mam please help me…
    I have lost desire and interest in sex for a very long time .my testo. level is normal but I have grade 1 and 2 varicocele in right and left testis…no pain..
    please suggest some medicine or remedy..to regain my libido

  46. How it should be taken these medicine before meal or after meal.

  47. Is there any readymade product containing Ashwagandha,satawari,safed musli,conch beez mixed alongwith

  48. Mam which is more effective the churan or the 5 tablets u have mentioned…

  49. Can i add amla churn also in that mixture

  50. I can’t express how happy i am feeling at the moment after my recent Sperm analysis report. my Sperm count was low and motality “2%” , i tried several medicines for almost 2 years, nothing helped. I gave up hope!! one day, I saw some video of Baba ramdev explaining how to increase sperm count and motality. I thought to give it a last try. I ordered Patanjali Ashwagandha, Satavar, Swet musli and konch beez. Mixed them all 100gm and started taking 1 spoon daily morning and evening with warm water.

    I did my sperm test just yesterday after 2 months. my motality has increased to 45% which in unbelievable!!!!!!!!

    i am planning to take this for another 2-3 months.

  51. Mam ashwagandha shatavari safed musli aur kaunch power garm milk ke sath lene ke baad mera 20 minutes main pet saaf hone lagta hai .. kya main continue rakhun ise..

  52. Hi mam ,
    I am taking shatawar, ashwagandha, swet musli, kaunch beej powder mixture (5gm) + chandraprabha vati (1 tablet), youvanamrit(1 tablet), shilajit rasayan vati (2 tablets) in the morning and evening with milk. is this dose ok ?
    And how long should I take this powder mixture and medicines ?

  53. Mam I have mix ashwaganda sweet musli satavar konj k been powder. At what time should I take 5 gm of this powder . Any time or any prefer time . Plz suggest

  54. Do we have to take this powder mixture and medicines empty stomach or after meal ?

  55. Hi mam,
    Do we have to take ashwagandha, shatavar, safed musli, kaunch ke beej powder mixture with hot milk ?
    Also do we need to take chandraprabha vati, yauvanamrita vati, shilajit rasayan vati along with the above powder mixture daily as told by baba ramdev in many videos or just powder mixture with milk is ok?

    • yes, but make sure you are not taking these in excessive quantity

      • Anupama Ram Dev suggests shilajit ashwaghandha kaunch ke beej shatavar safed musli and shilajit like it is the best way to increase sperm count. He doesn’t talk about side affects. What are the possible side effects of it and why doesn’t he talk about side effects??

        • if someone is taking in prescribed dosage there will be no side effect, take these medicines after consulting Ayurvedic physician.

  56. Madam can we add mulethi churna(yashtimadu) and kutki churna to these four herbs to combat acidity problem???

  57. Is there any Side effects of Kuch beej????
    I want to take for improving watery simen.

  58. Mam can I take Shatavar, gokshura, shilajeet, Ashwagundha, ginseng combined

  59. For How long should i take these 4 ingredients (ashwagandha+ shatawar+ musli+kaunch)??
    How many months minimum?

  60. Have bought powders separately. I was told one spoon each twice daily. Is it okay to mix all as one tonic in milk, if yes should the quantity be like one spoon each ? How long should I continue with these medicines? I have Ed and timing issue as well.

  61. Medam I am patient of liver disease, I want to gain weight as I m underweight, can I take these all medicines,also I m lactose intolerant, can I take all these with normal water ,not hot water

  62. Hello mam, i have problem like, some time white kind of stuff is coming with my urine, when it happened i feel tired, i loose my confidence, please help me, i don’t know which medicine i should take, please help to cure this problem.

    • Hi, Please consult some ayurvedic doctor in your city, it is very much curable, do not worry

      • Thank you, but i live in United state and i couldn’t find any ayurvadic doctor here, i was watching baba Ramdev videos online, in one he said, take ashawgandha, safed musli, shatawar and kaunch beej powder twice a day. I need your suggestion about it. Please

        • If there is no visible side effect then you can take this powder but make sure not taking more than 5 gm at a time.

          • Hello, mam
            Should i use only the churan of these things (ashwagandha, shatawar, safed musli & krounch beej), or can i take the powder? Because in the video, they are showing the churan but they talking about powder,

            Churan and powder is the same thing?

          • yes, churan is powder in English

          • Should i take this after breakfast and dinner, or before?

            And how long i have to take this ?

  63. Can we add these elements(Ashwagandha, Shatavar, Safed Musli and Kaunch beej) with Mishri? & can we take Dates along with this?

  64. Mam,
    I continuing treatment for low libido, ed from Jiva Ayurveda.

    The are giving me Manmath Ras and aswagandha tablets. But after 1 month they stopeed aswagandha and added chandraprabha vati, gokshura and dhatu poustik churna. Is it the right medicine.

  65. Dear mam I eating these 4 gradients (ashwgandha, shatawar, sfed musli, kaunj beej powder) one tea spoon of powder and two tea spoon with mishri powder. From last 16 days the problem of Erection is 5% good but time is still the same.m doing gym daily also and drink orange juice daily . Please help..

    • Time is not health problem. Just try to control yourself and keep practice. It is just due to over excitement and is normal. Everyone go through this condition for some time. So keep enjoying.

  66. I purchase all four herbs power of baidyanath brand and mix them ,when I take a dose I feel some sensational problem in my belly and diarrhea…so want to know what quantity I can take and when before or after brake fast.

  67. is it safe to take these by a person who has bp and diabetic

  68. If you take all these 4 ingredients then it may cause some kind of side effects including Headache, diarrhea, weakness, vomit sensation etc etc.. You may have any one or more of them.
    For example I felt weakness after taking this mixture.
    There is a simple cure. Stop immediately. After 2-3 days, start again.. If it occurs again then again discontinue for 2-3 days and start again..
    Very soon your body will start adopting this mixture easily as its is all natural herbs and there will be no side effect.
    This mixture is very effective and useful….

  69. Hi , Can I take safed Muslim,gokshura and ashwaganda churna powder in on time?if yes dn tel me how to consume

  70. Mam from where we get kaunch beej churna ? Still now i not get this madicine from Patanjali . Pls manage me .

  71. Everywhere i have seen that most ayurvedic medicines needs to be taken with milk ,i have a condition of lactose intolerance can i take the above things with warm water ?

  72. Mam,can u tell me within how many days this problem can be cured???

  73. Which ayurvedic medicine can i take for erectile dysfunction and for how much duration

  74. I take 5 gm of mixture of kaunch beez powder, ashwagandha powder, shatawar powder and safed musli powder twice a day with milk.
    Can I take 2 tentex forte tablets twice a day with above mixture.
    Would it cause any issues, if yea..what ?

    • No, you should not overdose as tentex has also these ingredients. It will be better to find a good ayurvedic doctor and consult him.

    • I took a little dose of these 4 ingredients i.e. Ashawganda, musli pak. Shatavari snd Kaunch beej bt after taking first dose i had headache nxt day… Den i also took a little dose nxt day too (i. E. On 23/12/2016).. Bt i had severe headache today… What should i do.

  75. Would taking mixed powder and tentex forte tablets both on daily cause any problem ?

  76. Do we need to take all these medicines ?
    Can we take medicine and mixed churan on daily basis ?

  77. Should we take all of the above or taking few of them will solve the problem?

      • Mam if I mix safed musli,ashwagandha,Shatavari

        Yohimbe herbs powered together and take one tea spoon twice a day

        If prepared these ingredients my sefl add in same proportion

        Please tell me its right way to consume

        • Take 5 grams of this powder, twice a day with milk. Already written in post.

          • I have headache after take this ….plez help me ….. I can cure or not ….plz

          • reduce quantity, if still headache persists then stop taking this.

          • Hello mem, my name is Gururaj I have one question…ashavaganda..Musali..shilajeeta..bhrami..these are related not only sex problems also its work on nervous system….so I am taking ashavaganda regurally previous 2 months its to good result iam taking to reduce stress and strain while iam doing gym workout s …so my question is is it posible can we get these 4 combination of ayurvedic medicine were I mention in 1st sentence….if I get how to take dose…and why this iam asking means I have to work more on my workouts in gym ….more than iam spending time more than 6 hours ….so I need boost energy to improve my physic…I don’t want to take any artificial steroides and protien powders ….so plz reply for this question …kindly thank you more than this any think is better …so plz suggest me …

          • These herbs also affects our harmones, so do not use herbs and herbal supplements unnecessarily.

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