Constipation cure in Ayurveda

What is constipation? Constipation is caused mainly due insufficient dietary fiber consumption and less fluid intake.  It is reason for many other diseases such as piles, fistula, acidity and colitis.  It is very important to know the reason for persistent constipation and make changes to life style to avoid it.

In Ayurveda there are a lot of medicines to cure constipation. The reason why we should  not take churna available in market is intestine becomes weak by its overuse and also body becomes dependent on it for bowel movement. These are some of home remedies to avoid constipation and natural methods to cure constipation.

– Take 100gm choti harad, 100 gm badi harad, 100 gm amla make powder and consume 1 spoon to cure constipation.

– For severe constipation make powder by mixing 100 gm each of choti harad, badi harad, sanai, saunf and amaltash fruit pulp and take 1 spoon. 

– Soak 1 spoon triphala in water in night, in morning boil it to reduce water to half, strain and drink it.

– Drink 1 lemon , honey and 1-2 drop honey in glass of water.

– Take 10-12 dates and boil in milk, drink milk and chew  dates. If constipation is for many days then it should be taken 3 times a day.

– 4 gm triphala churna with milk or water taken at night helps to cure constipation.

– Isabgol taken with curd also cures constipation.

– In breakfast make habit of eating sprout moong, sprout wheat, almonds, and fruits.

– Eat guava which is good to avoid constipation, do not eat seeds but just swallow it.

– Take orange juice in morning empty stomach.

– Drink water after 1 hr of meal.

– Make habit of drinking milk before sleep in night.

– Take more vegetables, fruits, sprouts and salads.

– Make habit of drinking water empty stomach in morning.

– drink 6-8 glass of water daily in every season.

– Avoid maida(refined flour), cold drinks and junk foods.

But for my experience you can avoid constipation just by drinking adequate amount of water and eating proper fiber foods like green salad and juicy fruits.

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