Top 5 daily routine changes to keep constipation away

Constipation is very common stomach problem in which one suffers from inappropriate bowel movement and it can cause pain and other serious problem in long term. Constipation also cause psychological unrest and creates stress. Best treatment for constipation is to try to keep it away.

One can treat and keep constipation away by changing his daily routine and slight change in food habit.

Some important things are here to keep away constipation.

  • Most important thing is do some physical workout as it will improve your digestion and bowel movement.
  • Drink adequate amount of water 2-3 litre daily 12-15 time or more as water is very important for digestion keep bowel soft.
  • Make balance in your diet means eat food in such manner which can provide you required fibre. Fine grains, dairy product and non vegetarian foods contains very less dietary fibre which cause constipation so balance your food by adding fibre rich foods like fresh fruits, vegetable and whole grains foods. If you are eating dairy products or meat products then you should add adequate quantity of fresh vegetable, salads or fresh fruit to your diet.
  • Keep your timings regular and avoid over eating.
  • Take proper sleep at least 6-8 hours daily.

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