Ayurvedic Medicines To Treat Skin Allergies

Skin allergy is most common problem and most of the skin allergy can be cured with Ayurvedic medicines very effectively. These allergies are sensitivities to external substances called allergens. This reactions are caused by our body immune system against external substances.


Most of the allergic reaction are light or moderated but some can be very lethal. Allergic reactions occur more often in people who have a family history of allergies. Skin allergies are most common and in most of the people it does not require any treatment. But in some people it need medication and can be recurrent.

In the case of sever reaction one should immediately go to hospital.

Skin is human body’s largest organ. It covers and protects the body from external environments and infections.

  • Holds body fluids in, preventing dehydration
  • Keeps harmful microbes out, preventing infections
  • Helps you feel things like heat, cold, and pain
  • Keeps your body temperature even
  • Makes vitamin D when the sun shines on it

Anything that irritates, clogs, or inflames your skin can cause symptoms such as redness, swelling, burning, and itching. Allergies, irritants, your genetic makeup, and certain diseases and immune system problems can cause rashes, hives, and other skin conditions. Many skin problems, such as acne, also affect your appearance.

Causes of Skin Allergies

Most common allergens are Mold, Dust, Animal dander, Bee stings or stings from other insects, Foods, especially nuts, fish, and shellfish, Insect bites, Medications, Plants, Pollens. Many people have allergy-like reactions to hot or cold temperatures variations, sunlight, or other environmental triggers. Sometimes, friction (rubbing or roughly stroking the skin) will cause symptoms.

Ayurvedic Medicines For Skin Allergy

1- Haridra khanda for allergies: It is ayurvedic medicine that is used for treating allergies and managing skin diseases such as Urticaria (Shit-pitt disease). This medicine helps to improve physical, mental health and immunity. Take 5 gm twice a day with milk or hot water.

2- Triphala is well-known ayurvedic medicine to remove toxins from our body and improving digestion and boosting immunity. Take 5 gm triphala daily at bedtime with warm water of Milk.

3- Dermafex Soap(BAN Lab): It is an Ayurvedic herbal soap from BAN Lab. It is unique formulated soap which key ingredients like turmeric, basil, clove oil, cinnamon and many other, these herbs has antibacterial and anti-fungal properties and completely safe on skin. It should be applied as an Alternate to General Soap during bath Or As directed by the Physician.

4- Radona Tablet & Syrup For Skin Allergy These two are perfect Ayurvedic medicines to treat skin the problem due to allergies from Solumiks. It has also ability to increase skin healing ability and makes skin glowing and fair. Syrup dosage Adults:10 ml thrice daily, Children:5 ml thrice daily or as directed by the physician. Tablet Adults: Two Tablets thrice daily Children (above 10 years): One Tablet thrice daily or as directed by the physician

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