Mebarid Capsul and Syrup for diarrhoea & dysentry

Mebarid is an Ayurvedic preparation made with herbs which are prescribed as anti-antidiarrheal and anti-dysenteric in Indian Ayurvedic texts. It is clinically proven formula and better than allopathic medicines for diarrhea without any adverse side effects. It is a good medicine for small children to prevent dehydration and can be given with ORS. It reduces frequency of stool and prevents dehydration. It is also useful in gets rid of amoebic infestations and bacterial infections.

Key Ingredients and their properties


Kuda, Darulhaldi, Bael Fruit & Dadimsal: Possesses powerful anti-microbial properties, Destroys amoebic and bacterial invasions.
Jaiphal: Acts as a relaxant.
Mocharas: Soothing, Binding & normalizing properties.
Panchamrit Parpati: Acts as an anti-septic, also known remedy in Ayurveda for normalizing all types of loose motions.


Sunth, Ajmoda, Bael, Lodhra: Improves intestinal resistance.
Dadim, Sunth, Lodhra, Daruhalad, Kuda, Ativish: Overcomes fever & malaise.
Jaiphal, Daruhalad Sunth, Ativish: Checks electrolyte losses and reduces muscle cramps.
Kuda, Bael, Sunth: Possesses anti-microbial action.
Daruhalad Kuda, Bael, Badishep, Sunth, Daruhalad Ativish: Overcomes abdominal colics, Dyspepsia & Indigestion.
Lodhra, Jaiphal: Relieves gas & Reduces hypermotility.

Indications of Mebarid


Amoebic & Bacillary Dysentery, Diarrhoeas of specific and non-specific origin, Gastroenteritis, Entero-colitis, sprue, Chronic intestinal infections and infestations.


Loose motions of specific & non-specific origin, Amoebic & Bacillary dysentery Gastro-entrits, Entero-colitis, Sprue, Chronic intestinal problems.

Dosage & Administration

Capsule: Adults: 1 Capsule 3 times daily.Children: 1 Capsule twice or thrice daily.

Syrup:Infants: 1/2 teaspoonful 2-3 times a day.Children: 1 teaspoonful 2 or 3 times a day.

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