Krishna Chaturmukh Rasa uses information

Krishna Chaturmukh Rasa is an Ayurvedic medicine in the form of powder or tablet. Ayurvedic medicine is used for the treatment of diseases like rajyakshama( tuberculosis), untimely white hair, jaundice, mania, skin disease, rheumatism, etc.


Krishna Chaturmukh Ras has the following Ingredients

Special properties of key components

  • Swarna Bhasma: Blood booster, Ojo booster, Balyan, Brishya, Rasayana.
  • Ghrit Kumari: Balya, Brihna, Sthohar (swelling eraser), Vedana Sanstha, Urinal, Sarka.
  • Kajjali: Jantudhna, Yogavahi, Rasayana.
  • Lohbhasma: Blood booster, strength, birth (semen and muscle enhancer), chemicals.
  • Mica Bhasma: Stomach Nutrient, Balaya, Watanadi Balya, Chem.


Dosage of Krishna Chaturmukh Ras
One pill in the morning before meal. This should be taken with any of these Milk, Triphala and honey, or honey-only.

Benefits and Uses of Krishna Chaturmukh Ras

The use of Krishna Chaturmukh ras is beneficial in preventing untimely hair graying.

To reduce aging, wrinkles on the face and the hair become white, this is an indication of the arrival of old age in the body, the process of aging of the body has started.

In case of excessive fasting, continual travel, continual sexual intercourse, extreme labor, renunciation of unnatural food, lick one pill (5 grams of Triphala powder, mixed with an equal amount of honey and ghee) with Krishna Chaturmukh Ras and drink milk in anupan Results begin to be reflected in the month. This medicine acts as a tonic. If someone will take it for 1 year, he can see the ultimate result.

Benefits of Krishna Chaturmukh Ras in Tuberculosis disease

Krishna Chaturmukh Rasa is a mixture of four rasayan. Due to its rasayan properties, it helps in the growth of sapt metals. Rajayakshma or Tuberculosis is result of metal attenuation.

Use of any one or two of the golden medicines, Shri Jai Mangal Ras, Hemgarbha Potli Ras, Chyavan Prash Avleh, Sitopaladi Leh, should also be used in auxiliary medicines. Medicine, duration of the experiment for three months to one year according to the condition of the patient.

Use of Krishna Chaturmukh juice to cure jaundice

Krishna Pandermukh Rasa is an important medicine in Jaundice. Jatharagni is illuminated by its use, there is an increase in RBC.

Planning of Vindhavasi Yoga, Navayas Churna, Punarnavadi Mandoor in supplementary medicine gives quick benefit to the patient.

Benefits of using Krishna Chaturmukh Rasa in gout

In Vatarakta, you get the desired benefit from the consumption of Krishna Chaturmukh Rasa, giving one tablet in the morning with honey and drinking milk gives relief in pain and inflammation (swelling) in three days. It must be used for forty days for full benefits.

Among the supplementary drugs, get one or two of the major medicines Chintamani Ras, Ras Raj Ras, Kaishore Guggulu, Panchikitta Ghrit Guggulu, Shilagandhak Vati.

Krishna Chaturmukh Ras Side Effects

Consult your doctor before taking Krishna Chaturmukh Rasa.

Take Krishna Chaturmukh Ras as the precise dosage for a limited period of time, as advised by the doctor.

All the constituents of Krishna Chaturmukh Rasa are mineral metals, resected as Maritra nectar. However, precaution should be taken during the consumption of rasaushadhi and ashes of mineral metals during the consumption of this period.

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