Ascariasis Information and Treatment

Know what is Ascariasis disease and how to treat it. What are the symptoms of Ascariasis and how can Ascariasis be cured with medicines? Know which medicines can be used for the treatment of ascariasis.

Ascariasis is the roundworm, from the parasite Ascaris lumbricoides. No symptoms are seen in more than half of the cases. When the number of roundworms increases in the body, fever and breathing problems may begin. It may also cause abdominal pain, diarrhea, and abdominal bloating.

Children are more infected with Ascariasis and this affects their growth and mental development. The disease reaches a healthy person from an infected person with contaminated food and water. The best way to avoid this disease is to take care of hygiene. This can be avoided by taking care of the right hygiene habits and food habits. Infections of stomach diseases can be avoided only with small but important beginnings like eating by cleaning hands.

Ascariasis is caused by the parasitic roundworm Ascaris lumbricoides. Infections have no symptoms in more than 85% of cases, especially if the number of worms is small. Anthelminthic medications, such as albendazole and mebendazole, are the drugs of choice for the treatment of Ascaris infections. Infections are generally treated for 1-3 days. The drugs are effective and appear to have few side effects.

What is ascariasis?

Ascariasis is a parasite in the intestines of humans and is the cause of infection. Its larvae and adult worms live in the small intestine and cause intestinal diseases.

What are the symptoms of ascariasis?

People infected with ascariasis often have no symptoms. If symptoms do occur they are much less like abdominal pain. Massive infections can lead to decreased intestinal obstruction and development in children. Other symptoms like cough-phlegm can also be caused by the worm.

Early symptoms of infection (4-16 days after egg ingestion)

  • Nonproductive cough
  • Fever fever
  • Wheezing
  • Difficulty in breathing

Symptoms after infection (6-8 weeks after egg ingestion)

  • Appendicitis inflammation
  • Intestinal obstruction biliary and intestinal obstruction
  • Worms get out of the body
  • Malnutrition malnutrition
  • Nausea, pain nausea, vomiting
  • Abdominal pain epigastric
  • Inflammatory pancreatitis
  • Dry cough
  • Frequent throat clearing

What is the treatment for ascariasis?

Anthelmintic medications are given for the treatment of ascariasis.

  • Albendazole albendazole
  • Mebendazole mebendazole

Mebendazole: Adult and Children above 2 years 100mg 12 hourly for 3 days OR 500mg as a single dose।


Albendazole 400mg as a single dose.

How is Ascariasis spread?

The Ascaris parasite lives in the intestine and its eggs are released into the feces of infected individuals. It can reach the ground through feces and by eating dirty hands, contaminated fruit or vegetable raw, it reaches the body of the healthy person.

Where is the higher risk of getting Ascariasis infection?

This infection occurs around the world in hot and humid climates. It is more during the summer and rainy season. It is less commonly seen in colder countries in the world.

The Prevention of stomach diseases?

  1. Drink bottled water if you want to drink water outside.
  2. Do not eat roadside food.
  3. Do not drink dirty water
  4. Wash hands thoroughly after using a public toilet.
  5. Be sure to wash your hands thoroughly before and after eating.
  6. While traveling, try to eat only homemade food.
  7. Teach children the importance of washing hands to prevent infection.
  8. Wash, peel, and eat all raw vegetables and fruits before eating. Especially those fruits and vegetables that have been grown in the soil that has been fertilized.
  9. Good hygiene, clean water, and eating can prevent stomach diseases.

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