Teak Tree Benefits, properties, uses and side effects

Know the health benefits and medicinal uses of. Teak is a tree with husky and large letters. As much as the medicinal value of this tree is as much as for timber. Its timber is famous worldwide.

Teak Tree is a big tree, it’s length is from 100 feet to 150 feet. The bark of teak is fibrous, light brown or gray in color. Its branches are quadrangular, grooved.

Teak leaves – Teak leaves are about 1 to 3 feet long. Its leaves range from a quarter to a foot wide, these leaves are elliptical or oblong like skin, rough to the touch and have a pore on the bottom of this leaves. The seams found in the main leaves are 8 to 10 pairs, its leaves have subtle red glandular spots that turn black.

Teak flowers (flowers) – are engaged in wreaths. The floral wreaths are 1 to 3 feet long with many branches, which has fragrant and small flowers.

Teak fruits – small 10-15 ml. On the façade covered with irregular, circular follicles of diameter, some are covered with pointed, hard, tetragonal, light brown inflated extracellular shells.

Teak Seeds – Teak fruits contain 1 to 3 seeds. Sometimes there are 4 as well. Seeds are white-colored, 4 to 8 ml in length. They are long. The essence is hard, firm and gray. In teak, there are flowers in the rain and in winter.

Where are the teak trees found?

Sagwan occurs exclusively in Madhya Pradesh, Odisha, Bengal, and southern India. Telia teak, a special species of teak, is also found in Madhya Pradesh.

Name of teak in different languages

  • Hindi (Hindi) – Sagaun
  • Sanskrit (Sanskrit) – Shak, stabilizer
  • Tamil – Tekku
  • Telugu – Tiku
  • Kannada – Tega
  • Malayalam – Tekka
  • English ( Teak ) – Teak
  • Latin – Tectona Grandis Lin.
  • Bengali (Bangali) – Segun
  • Marathi – Sagwan
  • Gujarati (Gujarati) – Teak

Chemical Analysis of Teak

Many organic compounds have been obtained from different parts of the tree. From its circulation, an oil is obtained which is used in animal wounds and in coloring. Calcium phosphate, ammonium and magnesium phosphate, and silica are found in wood stools. The seeds have a stable oil.

Medicinal properties of teak

The essence of teak (inner black part) is inflammation (relieving swelling ) and pain relief, poisoning and burning.

The juice of the leaves increases the blood. The oil of teak seeds is Kesya (hair enhancer) and Kandudhna (itching erase).

Teak Niyasya Kapha is used in biliary disorders. The seeds are given in Vata disease.

The bark of teak is Pitta, Pithmakhan, and Karmighan. This essence conceives. Its seeds are urogenital and bark diuretics.

Qualities of teak according to Unani opinion

  • Teak is beneficial in biliary disorders and burning pains with mastitis lower part of the liver.
  • This wood quenches thirst. Destroys worms and brings out stagnant phlegm.
    Its ashes are used to apply on the eyelids of a swollen eye. After quenching its charcoal in poppy water and grinding it, applying it on the eyelids immediately ends swelling.
  • The oil extracted from its flowers increases hair and erases itching.

Benefits of teak according to medical opinion

According to the opinion of doctors, teak flowers and seeds are diuretics. The oil of its seeds are a hair enhancer and itching destroyer. Its leaves are anti-bleeding and shrinking small blood vessels.

Its bark is pesticidal, inflammatory and destroys worms. When urine stops, its flowers are baffled in water and tied on the pellet and its contents are fed. Its bark is used in gallstones and indigestion.

Health Benefits of Teak Tree

  • It is useful in reducing fat.
  • It bark paste is applied on the forehead to reduce pain.
  • It seeds oil used in skin diseases and baldness. Its fresh leaves juice is applied on sores and cuts.
  • In amoebiasis, it’s bark kwath is very useful.
  • In Dysmenorrhea and abortion, the decoction of the bark is very useful
  • For leprosy, it’s inner essence is has given

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