Anuloma DS Tablet For Constipation

Anuloma DS Tablets is proprietary polyherbal Ayurvedic medicine from Sagar Pharmaceutical. Anuloma DS Tablets is useful in treatment of constipation. This medicine is blend of medicinal herbs and have carminative and laxative properties. Anuloma contains Ajmoda, Jeera, Bahera, Mulheti, Sonth, Senna leaves and rock salt. The main ingredient of Anuloma medicine is Senna leaves which is a habit forming herbal purgative. So take this medicine only occasionally.


Here is given more about Anuloma DS Tablets such as indication/therapeutic uses, Key Ingredients and dosage.

Key Ingredients of Anuloma DS Tablets

Ajamoda Ptychotis ajowan 16 mg, Jeeraka Cuminum cyminum16 mg, Balharda Black terminalia chebula16 mg, Yashtimadhu Glycyrriza glabra 16 mg, Shunthi Zingiber officinale16 mg, Saindhav Salt Natural potassium nitricum 20 mg, SonamukhiCassia lanceolata 1160 mg

Uses of Anuloma DS Tablets

Anuloma tablet is indicated in treatment of constipation. It can be taken in constipation associated with piles, post-surgery, pregnancy, old age etc.

Dosage of Anuloma DS Tablets

1-2 tablets once a day, before going to bed or as directed by physician.

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