Emolene to treat dry skin

Emolene cream is very good moisturiser for dry skin treatment, specially for treatment of dry skin in young children and infants.

Dry skin is very common and should be treated with some moisturiser(emolene cream) other wise it can cause itching, rashes and other problems. In infant dry skin is very common and must be cared properly. In market there are many moisturisers are available but emolene cream is very good especially for babies.

Emolene is hydronourisher that restores natural skin moisturiser balance.

Ingredients of emolene cream

Each gram of emolene contains

  • Propylene Glycol IP 15 mg
  • Diazolidinyl Urea(As preservative) 1.5 mg
  • Cream base

This cream is for external use only and one should use as prescribed by a doctor or you can apply 2 times daily.

For infants apply 2 times daily on the whole body, do no apply any oil based cream.

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