Recipe: Amra(Amola) Spicy Pickle

Amola(Amra) is an Indian fruit used to make pickle and chutney. Recipe for making karonda pickle at home.

Amola(Amra) is an Indian fruit. It is sour in taste and You can find it in market in month of June-July. It is used for the making of chutney and pickle. Today i am writing here a simple recipe of spicy amra/amola pickle.


Ingredients for Amra Pickle

-Amra 500 gm

-Turmeric powder 3 spoon

-Chili powder 1 spoon(to your taste)

-Coriander powder 3/spoon

-Garam masala powder 1 spoon

-Mustard 1-2 spoon

-Mustard oil 200 ml

-Garlic 20-30 cloves

-Hing (ASAFOETIDA) 2 pinch



-Wash Amra and dry it

-Cut Amra in 4 pieces

-Add 1.5 spoon turmeric powder and 1 tablespoon salt to it, Mix well and put it on a clean cotton cloth in a plate.

-After this put this Amra mixture in Sun light/at window for 1-2 day.

-On second day heat mustard oil in a pan till start smoking or it color changes to lite yellow and turn off stove.

-After 2-3 minutes add hing to it.

-Now crush mustard and garlic and add all spices to it.

-Add salt according to your taste and mix very well using your hand.

-Now add all mixed spice and pickled Amra to oil and mix well.

-Put this pickle in a glass or food grade Jar.

-For make sure your pickle will stay long, top up with heated mustard oil (cooled).

-Keep jar in sunlight for 4-5 days and consume it after 1 week.

-This you can use up to 6-8 months

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