Body Odour Natural Remedies

Learn what are reasons behind body odour? How to treat body odour problem naturally. Learn some Ayurvedic tips to keep away body odour.

Ayurvedic natural home remedies to cure/control body odour. Know about reasons behind body odour and prevention methods to control.


Body odor is very common problem in hot and humid environment. Generally we say that this is due to sweat and that is correct in spite of human sweat has no smell. Then what is reason for odour while we are sweating, it is due to bacteria growing very rapidly in our skin in sweat condition.

Body odour of individual may vary by many factors like diet, lifestyle, gender, genetics, health and medication. Suppose that you are eating non-vegetarian foods, spicy foods contain garlic, onion or other spices then may be you have more odour problem. If you are doing physical work in different condition then you may have different kind of odour problem. Hygiene level in you daily life .

Unusual changes in your body sweating either excessive sweating or less or no sweating can be cause for concern. Changes in your body odour may be a sign of a medical problem.

Most common part for human body odour is arm pits and feats. Because we sweat mostly from this parts of the body so most of bacteria are growing here only.

Cause of the body odour

Body odour is caused by the actions of the skin flora, including members of Corynebacterium, which manufacture enzymes called lipases that break down the lipids in sweat to create smaller molecules like butyric acid. These smaller molecules smell, and give body odour its characteristic aroma.

Smoking is also a very big reason for bad body odour.

There are several things which will help you to reduce your body odour or will prevent you from odour.

Hygiene Tips for reducing body odour

This is most important thing to keep body odour away for this you just have to take care of following

  • Bath daily(Warm water will be good) and Use some soap with antiseptic/ antibacterial property.
  • Clean you arm pits and feat very carefully.
  • Wear clean cloths and most important wear clean socks and other undergarments. Don’t use unwashed undergarment and socks for more than 8-10 Hr.

Diet for reducing body odour

  • Avoid spicy and non-vegetarian  foods as they increase body odour.
  • Avoid oily foods and fried foods
  • Increase intake of fresh fruits and green vegetables.
  • Drink lot of water and take liquid foods, avoid cold drink and other artificial drinks.
  • After eating some heavy foods take some digestion herbal medicine or any other digestion food like lemon water, jaggery, etc.

Other things to suppress body odour

  • Quit smoking.
  • You can use deodorants to suppress body odour. Or you can go with some good quality talcum powder with some antiracial elements. But i personally don’t like talcum.
  • Applying apple cider vinegar instead of deodorants under arm body odour. Apple cider reduces the pH of the skin, low pH is not suitable environment for bacteria survival.

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