facebook STUDIO for ad campaigns

Facebook has launched new web site for promoting its platform to advertisers, creators and viewers. People can submit their work get recognize for that and  view and comment on others creative works.

Facebook STUDIO web platform includes following sections:


Gallery: This is a shortable gallery is shorted by most recent creative work or ad campaigns and can be short by MOST LIKED, MOST SHARED and you can filter it by Region and Language. You can share these item on you Facebook wall.

What’s New: In this section you will find most popular items list, voice of your friends on this campaigns and news.

Learning lab: This section is for understand the latest and greatest tools advertiser , creators and users can use to build their brands campaigns.

Agency Directory: To filter campaigns by agency and brand.

Awards: Now creators can submit their work to this platform and id entries that meet a high standard in addition to receiving a substantial number of Likes are promoted to the Spotlight. All work in the Spotlight is reviewed by a judging panel, which decides awards.

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