Urinary incontinence in pregnancy and after delivery

Urinary incontinence is failure to control urination. It is very common during pregnancy and after delivery. During pregnancy you may have noticed sudden discharge of urine while sneezing, coughing or vomiting.  It happens involuntary or you feel no control over urination.

Reason of the urinary incontinence

The main reason for urinary incontinence during pregnancy is pressure on bladder by expanding uterus. This problem may continue even after delivery due to damage to nerves, pelvic floor muscles, ligaments that supports and control urinary system.

Treating urinary incontinence through Kegel?s exercises

Kegel?s exercise is helpful in preventing and treating urinary incontinence. It is pelvic floor muscle exercise. It can be done during pregnancy and after delivery. This exercise can be performed while sitting, lying or standing and at any time in a day.

How to do Kegel?s Exercise

Kegel Exercises are done by contracting and releasing pelvic floor muscles. For finding pelvic floor muscles contract the muscles around anus as if holding motion or gas. So to form Kegel Exercises draw up the pelvic floor as trying to prevent bowel or urination. Hold for 6 to 10 seconds and then relax. Repeat again and do for 50 -100 times in a day. Do only 8-10 contraction then relax for a few minutes before doing again.

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