Information of leucorrhoea in pregnancy

Leukorrhea or leucorrhoea is very common during pregnancy. Almost every women notice increased amount of vaginal discharge during pregnancy.
The appearance of normal vaginal discharge is whitish, yellow thick mucus without any smell. Sometimes large amount of yellowish mucus gushes out of vagina which can be noticed on panty.
Also every time while having bowel motion vaginal discharge is noticed. There is no need to panic about it. Although for mother to be it is bit scary. During pregnancy lots of changes are taking place inside the body. The surge of hormones causes this increase in vaginal discharge.

Normal vaginal secretions during pregnancy

  • Increased vaginal secretion
  • Appearance of discharge clear yellow, egg white mucus
  • Without any smell
  • Reason of abundant discharge is rise in estrogen level and increased blood flow in vagina.

How to deal with leucorrhoea

You may wear panty liner or light sanitary pad.
One should not worry about it unless such condition is accompanied by itching, burning sensation, pain, fishy smell, greenish color discharge, soreness in vagina or fever. Also if there is sudden change in color, odour or amount then this may suggest some infection. If this discharge is watery and continuous trickling then it can be due to rupture of amniotic membrane and may be amniotic fluid which is ascertained by clinical test.

If there are such symptoms then it is needed to consult a doctor who will advise necessary test to find underlying causes of the symptoms. 

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