Role of Estrogen in pregnancy

Estrogens or oestrogens hormone plays crucial role in starting and maintaining pregnancy. This hormone is produced in ovaries and by placenta. There is continuous variation in amount of estrogen secreted in the body. In start of pregnancy this hormone starts increasing and remains high till delivery. In final trimester of pregnancy this signals maturation of developing baby.

Role of estrogen hormone in pregnancy

Estrogen is hormone which is produced by mother’s body and the placenta. This hormone helps to increase blood circulation to womb which helps to provide more nutrition to developing foetus.

  • Estrogen helps to thicken lining of the uterus in preparation of expected pregnancy.
  • Estrogen is needed to increase size of womb for growing foetus, by increasing size and number of cells.
  • Estrogen increases WBCs (white Blood Cells) in blood. This improves body immunity to fight infections during pregnancy.

One more thing that this hormone surge does is white watery abundant discharge from vagina. This is a natural and there is no need to panic. This excessive discharge is known as leucorrhoea and does not require any treatment during pregnancy.

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