Pregnancy check-ups

Pregnancy is very exciting and joyful movement for to be parents. As soon as pregnancy is confirmed through home test it is important to go for routine medical test advised by gynaecologist. These tests help in healthy pregnancy. Even if there are certain problems those can be timely addressed and treated.

  • Routine medical tests
  • Blood group, Rh factor
  • Complete blood count
  • TSH (Thyroid stimulating hormone)
  • HIV, STD
  • Haemoglobin
  • Blood sugar (fasting and Post prandial)
  • Urine Routine and Microscopic
  • HBsAg (Hepatitis B surface Antigen)
  • Ultrasound (full bladder) to confirm pregnancy, position, EDD, single or twins

These tests are performed at the start of pregnancy. After this it is advisable to go for regular gynaecological check-ups to monitor growth of pregnancy. In each visit doctor take blood pressure and weight of the mother.

Periodical medical check ups

  • After every 4 weeks: from 8th week up to 28th weeks
  • After every 2 weeks: from 28th to 36th weeks
  • After every week: from 37th week till delivery

Various regular tests and ultrasounds are done at various stages of pregnancy that helps to monitor physical and mental growth of baby.

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