Ketones normal range in pregnancy

Ketones are by products of fat metabolism in the liver. These are formed when body starts using fat for energy production. In normal state these are produced and get used up in the body and concentration in blood remains below 1mg/dl. So these do not get excreted in urine. But when the production exceeds utilisation then these get excreted in urine and condition is known as ketonuria.

During pregnancy ketones presence in urine should be nil. 

During pregnancy energy requirement by body increases. So when food is not available body starts metabolising fat. Generally this happens when pregnant woman is not eating properly. This condition is called starvation ketones. Eating at proper interval, not skipping meals and taking adequate fluid helps to prevent ketonuria in such condition.
Other reason for this condition is diabetes. This indicates poor management of diabetes. In such cases it is important to seek and follow gynaecologist advice.

In the case of increased ketone in urine

  • Do not diet, eat at proper interval.
  • Keep hydrated by drinking adequate amount of water.
  • If diabetes then manage it properly to avoid any future complication.

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