Know About Diarrhea During Pregnancy

Details of diarrhea during pregnancy, it's reasons and what to do to manage diarrhea and all precaution one should take during pregnancy.

During pregnancy constipation and diarrhea is very common and it can occur in any stage of pregnancy.


During pregnancy women body have many changes which includes hormonal changes. These hormonal changes and pregnancy progression cause several discomfort during pregnancy and most common is constipation. But many pregnant women can also suffer from diarrhea, which is loose watery stool passing more than 3 times in 24 hours. In this situation dehydration should be concern as during pregnancy women needs more water in the body.

What is reason of diarrhea during pregnancy?

Diarrhea during pregnancy can be caused by many factors and there is no specific reason. When pregnancy starts women changes their diet like start taking more liquid diet, supplements and some time some prescribed medicine and these can also cause diarrhea and in most case diarrhea go away itself, just pregnant should make sure that she is taking proper liquid to avoid dehydration.

Some time due to hormonal changes pregnant become sensitive to some kind of foods, which can lead to stomach upset resulting into diarrhea.

Some time it can be caused by some external infection like viral or bacterial in that case pregnant need to see a doctor or hospital. Never take any medicine without prescription of a doctor as medicines are very harmful during pregnancy.

Diarrhea in last trimester of pregnancy

In third trimester of pregnancy, the diarrhea lasts for one or two days and goes away by it self and can re-occur and it is normal. If it persist for more than two days need to be taken seriously and visit your doctor immediately. In final stage of pregnancy diarrhea can also indication of labour start and it can occur 7-15 days earlier of labour also.

How to manage diarrhea during pregnancy?

If you are suffering from diarrhea in pregnancy then you should do following things.

  • Start drinking water and taking liquid diet to avoid dehydration.
  • Stop eating foods which make diarrhea worsen like nuts, dry fruits, milk, spicy and oily foods.
  • Eat curd/yogurt with rice
  • Eat vegetables, such as cooked carrots, and non-milk-based soups with noodles, rice, and vegetables

Note: If you feel that diarrhea condition is not improving whether it is mild or worse then immediately visit your doctor or hospital. Don not take any medicine even herbal or OTC during pregnancy without prescription of doctor.

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