Your daily supplements can cause diarrhea

Details of diarrhea caused by vitamins, minerals and iron supplements. Always consume supplement in prescribed quantity.

Diarrhea can be caused by many things like foods, medicines, deficiency of vitamins and minerals and by some external infections. Even high level of vitamins and minerals can also cause diarrhea.


Now days we are consuming many supplements directly or indirectly of vitamins, minerals and proteins. Most of the bottled or processed foods/drinks are top up with these vitamins and minerals. Many times unknowingly we consume these supplement which cause overdose of vitamins and minerals in our body which can cause several health problems like headache, nausea, diarrhea and others. So we need to check our daily diet and supplement quantity to avoid this over dosage.

Too much of vitamins can cause diarrhea

Our body needs 13 vitamins and any deficiency or over dosage or these can cause many health problems including diarrhea. Over dosage of vitamin C, B5 and A can cause diarrhea. if you are on vitamin supplement then check prescribed quantity and never over eat that supplement. Even many time foods very high in Vitamin A can cause diarrhea so eat those foods in small quantity.

Iron Supplement also causes diarrhea

Mostly iron supplement causes constipation and some time diarrhea, omitting and nausea, if you are on iron supplements then you should check your daily fiber intake. You should eat fiber rich diet along with iron supplement and drink more liquid(water).

Over dosage of Zinc Supplement can also cause diarrhea

Too much intake of zinc either from foods or supplement can also cause could cause nausea, diarrhea, and stomach cramps. Always check your requirement.

Deficiency of Calcium and Potassium can cause diarrhea

Many people with deficiency of calcium or potassium mineral have lite to mild diarrhea. Those people need to take calcium rich foods or supplement.

Note: Try to eat balance diet with. Eating variety of foods is very goods. Always take supplements in prescribed dosage. If you have some deficiency then it is always better to consult some doctor or dietician. 

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