Do you know most of the miscarriage are natural?

Miscarriage are very common and most the females have gone through this buts most of the time pregnant women event don?t know that she was pregnant as their pregnancy is in very early stage. World wide 5 out of 6 pregnancies are terminated naturally.

Miscarriage is a medical term in which pregnancy terminates itself before 20 weeks. It happens when fetus have some genetical problem and nature terminates it and this happens generally in first trimester and some time uterus and cervix have some problem and fetus got aborted and it happens in second trimester.

Genetically abnormalities in fetus can cause by chromosomal abnormality and male or female both chromosome can cause this.

Most of the early stage miscarriages do not require any treatment and in some cases DNC procedure is done by some medical service provider.

Down syndrome is also a reason for miscarriage and these type of miscarriage are recurrent.

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