Do not substantially abuse your baby in pregnancy

Most of the females knows that in pregnancy they have to eat for two and this is true but you should know that when you are pregnant every thing you are doing is directly connected to your baby. You are now breathing, drinking, doing physical activity, etc.for you and your baby. So what you eat, drink, breath, listen, think every thing is going to your baby.

If you take any alcoholic drink, cigarette smoking, using any addictive drugs and other un-prescribed products, then you should know that all these product will harm to you baby very badly.

Smoking is very harmful in pregnancy

You should never smoke in pregnancy because it will pass nicotine and cancerous compounds to your baby as well as to you. So quit smoking ASAP in pregnancy and it will be better if you quit it before planning a baby. If you smoke then smoking will also hurts overall development and can lead to low weight and pre-mature delivery and it may create many after birth problems which can lead to life long defects in your baby.

If you have some problem in quitting cigarette smoking then you can take some professional help and you can take help from family and friends by telling them.

Drinking Alcohol and other drugs

Many people thinks that taking alcohol in small amount is safe or good for health. But this is totally untrue as there is know known safe quantity of alcohol which will not harm in pregnancy.

Drinking alcohol even small amount can cause life long behavioural and physical problem in baby. This can cause can cause a group of conditions called fetal alcohol spectrum disorders known as FASDs. FASD is incurable.

Even drinking alcohol in early pregnancy can cause this. So you should stop drinking before you starts to plan a baby.

Any un-prescribed and illegal drugs have more fetel effect to baby if any one using them in pregnancy.

Stop drinking if you are on family way.

For women and young girls who takes alcohol and smoke cigarettes  they should know that they are abusing their fertility as alcohol and damage you reproductive organs. So don?t abuse abuse your body. 

Note: Must tell you gynaecologists about all bad hobbits before planning your baby so that doctor can take measures for your healthier pregnancy.

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