Best age for healthy pregnancy

Now days age for getting pregnant is always a topic of discussion and different group of people have different view. But according to my study in this topic Health Pregnancy 20-24 year age of a female is best to getting pregnant.

20-24 years age is most fertile period for any female in her life and in this age she is young and energetic enough to take care of her, baby and family.

Most important thing is that in this age range overall development of baby is also best as fetus can gets best nutrients.

In general after age of 25 years our reproductive system starts weakening and with passing of every year fertility degrades.

In early age chances of conceive is much higher. Here is table showing chances of conception in different age group females.

Age in Years

Chances of conception in period of 28 days

19 – 26greater than 60 percent
27 – 34about 40%
35 – 39less than 20-30%

Female conception chances(%) Chart by age

Now days after 30 year many health problems getting started like High Blood Pressure, Diabetes, Obesity, Stress and these problems are biggest obstacle in any pregnancy as these health problems causes serious complications in pregnancy.

So in my opinion in current social scenario in India one should plan babies before 30 years as before 25 years it is not possible and one should must plan before 35 years of age.

Note: This is my personal opinion.

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