Ovulation date determination helps to get pregnant

Ovulation is an natural process in which one(rarely more than one) egg matures in ovary and released into fallopian tube towards uterus. This happens only once in a menstrual cycle and only 12-24 hours egg is active for fertilization in fallopian tube. If at this point of time any sperm successfully fertilized this egg then pregnancy take place.

Ovulation date determination help to get pregnant

Yes, obviously ovulation date determination helps in getting pregnant if every thing is fine. If couple do sex around ovulation date regularly in right manner then conceiving chances are very high.

When ovulation takes place?

As i told it happens only once in a menstrual cycle. Frankly speaking it is very difficult to get to know when ovulation take place because it varies in every cycle and also with person to person. Generally if your menstrual cycle is of 28 days then most chances is around 14th day and if your cycle is longer or smaller in length then this day will be different. This is only probability.

What are methods to know ovulation date ?

There are many methods you can get around the web for this. But no one is accurate but there are some medical ovulation kits are available to determine exact time of ovulation again those have cost and you may have to use more than one kit in a cycle for date determination. Some are here and may be you are lucky one to get help from these.

  • Check your cycle and feel your body: Many women(around 20-25%) are able to know by checking dates of last cycle and monitoring hormonal changes in their body. Usual symptoms of ovulation are getting cramps in lower abdominal area because of release of egg from ovary. Some women have very strong sex urges during these time. So you should try in this period.
  • Changes in cervix: Normally cervix is hard dry and more open just after you menses. But when ovulation approaches then it gets tender, moist and it has little opening to hold more sperms. So one can check her cervix by inserting 1-2 fingers inside vagina daily and can determine changes and if this is happening then it is good time to go ahead.
  • Ovulation prediction kit: Now days market has many ovulation prediction kits available. By using them you can easily get ovulation date and this is good method because these kits are based on hormonal biology and very easy to use. If you can afford this then this is best method when others are not working for you.

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