Health Benefits of Fig(Anjeer)

fig health benefits

Anjeer (fig) is very nutritious and beneficial for health. It contains potassium, manganese, vitamin B6. Figs are natural remedy for high blood pressure, constipation, piles, digestive troubles and excess vata or wind in body. Learn some home remedies of this fruit.


Recipe: Mozzarella Cheese paratha

mozzarella cheese paratha

Mozzarella Cheese paratha is very easy and quick recipe and It tastes very good. As cheese is a very high in calorie, protein, Vitamins and other nutrients, cheese paratha is very good option for part of breakfast. Here I am writing recipe for making this paratha.


Skin care in rainy season(Monsoon)

In India monsoon brings pleasant weather and happiness but it also cause many skin and other health problems due to polluted environment. We need to take care of our health specially skin and other bacterial & fungal infections.In monsoon we need to take care of our diet also to boost immune system for internal health.


Natural Habits and foods for Good Health

In our daily life routine we are facing many illness like stomach problem, cough and cold problem. These dieses are very common and we are visiting a doctor when these problem occurs. But there are many daily life good habits and food by which we can prevent these problems.