Ayurvedic Shadbindu oil health benefits

Shadbindu oil is an ayurvedic herbal oil to treat eye, weak tooth gums, Sinusitis and other head problems. This oil is made by adding and processing many herbs into a herbal base oil in liquid form. Processing method is know as tail pak vidhi in ayurveda.

Active ingredient of Shadbindu oil are

  • Processed oil of black seed of Sesamum(Til)
  • Juice extracted from Eclipta alba(mahabhringraj )
  • Goat or Indian Cow milk
    • Kalka Dravya: A fine paste of powdered mixture of Eranda , Tagara, Shatahva, Jivanti, Rasna , Bhringa, Vidanga , Yashti, Shunthi and Rock salt.

Use of Shadbindu oil

To treat weak eye site, weak gums, head related illness, Sinusitis and hair fall use this oil .

How to use ?

This oil can be used externally by putting 1 drop in each nostril or as directed by a Ayurvedic doctor. It is advised that do not use higher quantity it without prescription of a doctor.

You should purchase this medicine very carefully like check expiry date, brand, etc. Main brand in India are Divya and Baidyanath which are manufacturing this oil.

There is no know side effect of this oil but keep it away from reach of children’s

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