You should know about Male baldness

Baldness in men is very common and in most of the cases it is male pattern baldness which is due to hormonal changes which is genetical and in some cases hair loss may occur due to some other reasons in which one should take medication.

In male pattern baldness cavity of hair root on skins shrinks gradually which results thinner and shorter hair and finally hair loss.

How to diagnose baldness?

Male pattern baldness can be diagnose by examine pattern of hair loss. Typically it starts with ?M? shape on head crown and finally takes ?U? shape. In this type of hair loss there is no permanent and fully effective treatment.


In other type of hair loss you may feel hair lose is in patches, very rapid, hair are breaking, head skin have some different pattern like redness, swelling or other. then you should see a doctor(dermatologist) or some hair expert. 

What to do in male pattern baldness?

If you are diagnosed with male pattern baldness and you are comfortable with you new bald look then great you don?t required any treatment.

If you have some psychological problem with baldness and it is affecting your self-esteem then you should take some cosmetic treatment.

Most safe treatment is that you changes you overall style that suits your body most, change you hair style or wear a hairpiece.

There are some medication also which are effective in some people which slows the process of male pattern baldness, you can ask your doctor for that.

Now days there are hair transplant is also available but that is very expensive and repetitive process.

+You must visit a Doctor in following cases 

  • Hair loss occurs in an atypical pattern, widespread shedding, including rapid hair loss, hair loss in patches, hair breakage.
  • It occurs with scaling, pain, itching, redness, skin irritation  or other symptoms.
  • Your hair loss begins after starting some medication.

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