Naturally treat green yellow stool in toddlers

Loose motions in toddlers are very common thing but excessive loose motion is symptom of some stomach infection like Diarrhoea or other infection. In the case of stomach infection color of baby stool is green or yellow(hare pile dast). In this case baby cries because of stomach pain.

In Ayurveda there are many natural remedies to treat this kind of infections.

  • Take 1-2 pinch jaifal(nutmeg), make paste of stone by adding fresh water. Give this to child. This will stop loose motion.
  • Give orange juice when doing breastfeeding.
  • If baby is eating foods then give 1 drop of bargad leaf milk with some sugar puff or other sweet.
  • Extract juice of tulasi leaves and mix with mother milk. Now give this to child. This will stop loose motion and will help in stopping vomiting.
  • take equal quantity of ajwain ka sat, peppermint and kapoor. Put this into small glass bottle and close cap. Afer some time this will transformed into liquid. Now give 1 drop to child to stop loose motion.
  • Take 2-3 pinch hing and mix in 1 teaspoon water and make it Luke warm. Apply this on navel area of baby.
  • Make paste of onion and apply on navel area.

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