Liquorice(Mulethi) effect in baldness

Know benefits of liquorice in baldness. Learn how to prepare liquorice paste and apply on affected area.

Licorice is a well-known medicinal herb. It is a hardy undershrub which attains a height of 1.8m. Its roots are thick with many branches, brownish outside and yellowish from inside. In India, it is cultivated in Jammu and Kashmir, Punjab and Sub-Himalayan tracts.

Liquorice medicinal usage

General Information

The other common names of this medicinal herbs are, Yasthimadhu in Sanskrit, Jethimadh, Mulheti in Hindi, Jashtimadhu in Bengali, and Licorice in English.
Botanical name: Glycyrrhiza glabra

Licorice use for curing respiratory infections, cough, jaundice, bronchial and gastric problems is well-known. But it is also effective in curing spot baldness of male and female.

This medicinal herb has qualities of promoting hair growth. It also prevents hair loss in spot baldness. Licorice has the ability to counter testosterone effect in testosterone induced alopecia (Hair loss or baldness). It is also effective for spot baldness caused due to infection or any other reason.

How to use Licorice for baldness

For using Mulheti for spot baldness you need to prepare paste. For this paste you will require few small liquorice roots or root powder (2 tablespoons), Saffron (2 pinch) and milk cream or milk (3 tablespoon). You may add seeds of Datura alba in it. Mix this well and make a smooth paste.

Apply this paste on the affected area of scalp using circular motion of finger tips.

It is required that you keep this paste for at least three hours before washing off. So apply it at night and wash off next morning with plain water.


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