7 Effective Homemade Hair Conditioners

Hair conditioners are used to keep hairs lustrous and shiny. Conditioner helps to improve hair texture, cures dryness, and make them easily manageable. Conditioned hairs looks healthy and protect hairs from damage such as breakage and split ends.

Benefits of hair conditioning

  • Restores bounce and bulk to hairs
  • Hairs look shiny and healthy
  • Protects from damage from environmental factors
  • Protects form breakage, split ends and damage while combing
  • Makes hair more manageable

Some effective Homemade conditioners for hairs

There are lots of natural and herbal products available at home which you can use for hair conditioning. These are completely natural and are without any chemical or side effect.

  • Henna or mehndi is a natural conditioner. Apply henna, curd, lemon juice and egg paste in hairs for an hour then wash off. Do this twice a month.
  • Boil fresh or used tea leaves. Used tea leaves should be boiled again in sufficient amount of water. The solution should be filtered and used for rinsing hairs following shampoo to condition hairs.
  • Add rose water (2 tablespoon), vinegar (1 tablespoon) in water (2 glass) and use this for rinsing your hairs post wash.
  • Add five ml honey in glass of water and use this your hair rinsing.
  • Squeeze one big lemon in glass of water. Use this for rinsing hairs.
  • Add beer in adequate amount of water and rinse your hairs.
  • Have a lukewarm oil massage using vegetable oil before every hair wash. This not only improves blood circulation in scalp but also applies a protecting layer on hair shafts that prevents hair damage while washing and wet handling of hairs.

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