Unexo Viopatch Composition, Review and Price

Know the usage of Unexo Viopatch herbal patch. Learn about its ingredients and directions to use. Know what is the price of Unexo Viopatch and how to purchase it?

Unexo Viopatch is a transdermal patch. It is applied topically on the skin to get relief from musculoskeletal pain and inflammation. There is sustained drug release from the patch into the applied area over a period of 12 hours after application.

Viopatch is free from any side-effect. It has higher bioavailability. Like any ointment, there is a need for re-application every 3-4 hours. It is non-messy, non-greasy – can be easily applied under clothing.


  1. Unexo Life Sciences Pvt. Ltd.
  2. Toll-Free: 1800 270 2900
  3. Phone: +91 11 65167696, 27492272
  4. Mobile: +91 9212228401, 9212461784
  5. Email: info@unexopharma.com
  • Availability:  Online
  • Type of medicine: Proprietary
  • Main Indication: musculoskeletal pain
  • Suitable for: Everyone
  • MRP/Price: Viopatch Pain Relief Patch – 12 patches @ INR 400.00.

Unexo Viopatch Composition

  1. Methyl Salicylate (Gaultheria Fragrantissima)
  2. Menthol (Mentha Piperata)
  3. Camphor (Cinnamomum camphora)
  4. Eucalyptus Oil (Eucalyptus globulus)
  5. Clove Oil (Syzygium aromaticum)

Gaultheria (Oil of wintergreen), is obtained from the leaves (fruits) of Gaultheria fragrantissima, a bushy evergreen plant with procumbent stems and upright rigid branches. Wintergreen has an aromatic odor; the taste of the whole plant is astringent. Wintergreen Oil contains methyl salicylate (96-98%),  oenanthic alcohol (n-heptan-1-ol) and its ester (giving a characteristic odor of the volatile oil). The oil has a rubefacient effect. The oil is used in the form of ointment in acute rheumatism, muscular aches, sprains, headache and sciatica and also as an ingredient in the mouthwash, toothpaste, etc.

Karpura is also known as Ghanasara, Chandra, Himahva, Himabaluka (Sanskrit) and Natural Camphor (English). It is obtained from the leaves, chipped wood and roots of Cinnamomum camphora (L.) Nees & Eberm. (Fam. Lauraceae) and the whole plant of Ocimum kilimandscharicum Guerke (Fam. Lamiaceae) by hydrodistillation process.

Karpura is colorless or white crystals, granules or crystalline masses. It has aromatic, bitter, thermogenic, diaphoretic, stimulant, antiseptic, pain relieving, and anti-inflammatory activities.

Eucalyptus oil is extracted from the leaves of the tree Eucalyptus by steam distillation process using soxhlet apparatus. The extracted oil has antimicrobial, antibacterial and anti-fungal properties.

Eucalyptus Oil acts as a decongestant for the relief of catarrh. It provides warming relief of minor muscular sprains and cramps.

Eucalyptus oil is applied to the skin to relieve minor muscular sprains and cramps.  For sprains and cramps, few drops of oil are sprinkled on hand and massage into the affected area. It can be used on adults and children over 1 year.

Clove Oil (Syzygium aromaticum) generally known for its dental use. It is applied onto the affected tooth and gives temporary relief of toothache. Clove Oil has a local anesthetic and mild antiseptic effect. It temporarily numbs the area and relieves the pain.

Biomedical Action of Unexo Viopatch

  1. Analgesic: Acting to relieve pain.
  2. Anti-Inflammatory: It reduces swelling. It is a Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drug (NSAID).
  3. Anti-irritant: Reduces signs of inflammation, such as swelling, tenderness, pain, itching, or redness.
  4. Antimicrobial: Active against microbes.
  5. Mild topical anesthetic: Numbs a specific part of the body to prevent any feeling of pain.

Unexo Viopatch Health Benefits

  1. It is herbal and does not cause any side effect.
  2. It is easy to use.
  3. It does not leave spots or grease.
  4. It has pain relieving action.
  5. As it has analgesic action it can be applied to various muscoskeletal disorders.
  6. It works for 12 hours without any need to reapply.
  7. It has a coating of five powerful analgesics and anti-inflammatory natural ingredients which provide symptomatic pain relief and reduces swelling and increase joint mobility.
  8. It improves circulation in peripheral blood vessels, thus reducing inflammation and swelling.
  9. It gives a feeling of cooling and acts as a mild local anesthetic and antimicrobial substance.

Unexo Viopatch Therapeutic Uses

  1. All kinds of muscular pains
  2. Cervical spondylosis
  3. Chronic back pains
  4. Common neck pains
  5. Muscles pain
  6. Pain and stiffness due to tennis elbow
  7. Pain resulting from trauma or injuries
  8. Sprains or stiffness due to long sedentary hours

How to Use Unexo Viopatch?

  1. Clean the skin to remove dirt, sweat, and greasiness.
  2. Open the pack and take out the patch.
  3. Remove the adhesive cover.
  4. Apply on the affected area and leave for 12 hours.
  5. Remove from the applied skin area gently.
  6. If necessary apply another patch.

Suggestions, Contraindications, Interactions, Side-effects, and Warnings

  1. It is only for topical use and does not cause any side effect.
  2. Few people may experience burning sensation or irritation.
  3. One patch is used only once.
  4. It is for mild cases.
  5. Duration of treatment and onset of action depends on various factors (severity, symptoms of the disease, age physical conditions of the patient, etc. So, do not expect magic.
  6. The results may vary from person to person.
  7. Keep away from eyes, sensitive areas, cut and irritated skin, genitals.

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