Trichup Tablet (Vasu) For Hair Care

Trichup Tablet is proprietary Ayurvedic medicine with anti-oxidant properties. It is a Hair Care Tablet. The main indication of this medicine is in preventing hair fall, breakage, greying to make hair strong, and healthy.

  • Manufacturer: VASU Healthcare Pvt Ltd
  • Availability:  Online, and at medical stores
  • Type of medicine: Proprietary Medicine
  • Main Indication: Hair Care
  • MRP/Price: Trichup Tablet (60 Tabs) @ Rs 100.00

Trichup Tablet Composition

Trichup Tablet is composed of potent Ayurvedic hair tonic herbs like Bhringraj, Amalaki, Yashtimadhu, etc.

Trichup Tablet Health Benefits

Trichup Tablet is beneficial in improving hair condition.

Rich in nutrients needed for healthy hair

Trichup Tablet provides essential nutrition to hair roots, and improves hair health.

Trichup Tablet is prepared from Bhringraj, Amalaki, Yashtimadhu, etc. These herbs are well-known ayurvedic hair tonic herbs, and provide essential nutrition to hair, and make them beautiful, and healthy.

Controls hair fall, greying

It helps to control hair fall, and prevent premature graying of hair. The strong natural anti-oxidant, and anti-aging ingredients prevent premature graying, and falling of hair.

Promotes new hair growth

Trichup Tablet stimulates repair of hair follicles thus supports natural hair growth.

Trichup Tablet Therapeutic Uses

Trichup Tablet is indicated for hair care. Trichup tablet is safe to take, and can be taken safely with any other medicaments.

  • Dandruff
  • Drug/Disease Induced Hair Loss
  • Early Graying of Hair
  • Falling of Hair
  • Hair Related Problems
  • Inadequate Hair Growth
  • Listless, Rough Hair Texture
  • Split Ends

Trichup Tablet Dosage

  • The recommended dosage of medicine is 1 tablet.
  • It should be taken twice a day, in the morning, and evening.

Anupaan (Adjuvant)

It should be taken with lukewarm milk after food.


Specific contraindications have not been identified.

Drug Interactions

Please maintain a gap of at least an hour between intake of any allopathic drug, and Ayurvedic medicine to avoid drug interaction, if any.

Side-effects of Trichup Tablet

There are no known side-effects for this medicine.


  • Do check the list of ingredients, and their contraindications to avoid any side effects.
  • Do not use any medicine during pregnancy without consulting doctor.


  • Store in a cool, and dry place in a tightly closed container, protected from light, and moisture.
  • Keep away from the sight, and reach of children.

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