Himalaya Talekt Capsules Usage and Side Effects

Know about Himalaya Talekt Capsules ingredients and health condition in which Himalaya Talekt Capsules is useful. Learn about this medicine usage, dosage and side effects. This is very good Ayurvedic medicine for skin problems.

Himalaya Talekt Capsules is herbal product from Himalaya Drug Company. This product is formulated on Ayurvedic principles and is a natural detoxifier. It helps to remove body toxins and thus combats skin diseases. It has antiseptic, antibacterial, antifungal, anti-inflammatory, antiviral, wound healing and anti-allergic properties.

Here is given more about this medicine, such as benefits, indication/therapeutic uses, composition and dosage.

  • Manufacturer: The Himalaya Drug Company Makali, Bengaluru – 562162
  • Availability: Online and at medical stores
  • Type of medicine: Proprietary Medicine
  • MRP/Price: Himalaya Herbal Talekt 60 Tablet for Healthy Skin @ 100 INR

Himalaya Talekt Capsules Composition

Ingredients present in this formulation are given below:


  • Haridra Curcuma longa 36 mg
  • Amaltas Cassia fistula 36 mg


  • Neem Azadirachta indica 32 mg
  • Guduchi Tinospora cordifolia 32 mg
  • Vidang Embelia ribes 31 mg
  • Bhringraj eclipta alba 31 mg
  • Yavatikta Andrographis paniculata 31 mg

Know the Ingredients

Haridra or Turmeric is known by many common names such as haldi, haridra, Nisha, Gauri and Halud. The botanical name of turmeric is Curcuma longa and it belong to plant family Zingiberaceae. The powder prepared from ground dried rhizome of Haldi, known as Turmeric Power / Haldi powder, is used extensively as a spice, food preservative, cosmetic and medicine for centuries. The Curcumin related phenolics possess antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, gastroprotective and hepatoprotective activities.

Haridra detoxifies blood. It is considered Bitter, astringent, pungent and heating. It reduces Kapha and Vata due to its thermogeneic properties.

Ayurvedic Properties and Action

  • Rasa (taste on tongue): Katu (Pungent), Tikta (Bitter)
  • Guna (Pharmacological Action): Ruksha (Dry)
  • Virya: Ushna (Heating)
  • Vipaka (transformed state after digestion): Katu (Pungent)
  • Karma / Action: Krimighna (anthelmintic), Kushtaghna (effective in diseases of skin), Varnya (helps in improving complexion), Vishaghna (detoxfies), Pramehanashak (cures urinary disorders), Kaphahar (reduces kapha)
  • THERAPEUTIC USES – Pandu, Prameha, Vrana, Vishavikara, Kushtha, Tvagroga, Shitapitta, Pinasa (running nose)

Turmeric Powder is tonic, stimulant, pungent, bitter, heating, laxative, anthelmintic, vulnerary, tonic, alexiteric, and emollient. It is good for skin and reduces phlegm.

Amaltas or Cassia fistula is also known as Aragavadha, Kritamala, Vyadhighata, Shampaka and Nripadruma. The chief constituent of the pulp are sugar, mucilage, pectin and anthraquinone. It is Madhura / Sweet, Tikta / Bitter in taste (Ras) and Guru / Heavy in action (Guna). Its post-digestive effect (Vipak) is Madhura / Sweet.

Aragavadha is an Ushna Virya herb. Ushna Virya or hot potency herb, subdues Vata (Wind) and Kapha (Mucus) and increases Pitta (Bile). It has property of digestion, vomiting and purging, and gives feeling of lightness. It is considered bad for sperms and fetus. The Pradhan Action / Karma of the tree are Rechana or laxative effect and gives relief in constipation.

Neem (Azadirachta indica, family Meliaceae) it is also known as margosa, nim, nimba, nimbatiktam, arishtha, praneem. The leaves contain nimboin, nimbinene, 6-desacetylnimbinene, nimbandiol, nimbolide and quercetin. Leaves are also reported to contain ß-sitosterol, n-hexacosanol and nonacosane. It is a tonic and a revitalizer, it works effectively in the treatment of diabetes.

The Neem is cool, bitter, astringent, acrid and refrigerant. Bark of the tree is useful in tiredness, cough, fever, loss of appetite, worm infestation.

Neem bark heals wounds and vitiated conditions of kapha, vomiting, skin diseases, excessive thirst, and diabetes. Neem is used to treat intestinal worms, heat-rash, boils, wounds, jaundice, leprosy, skin disorders, stomach ulcers, chicken pox, malarial fever etc. The bark of tree is used in Ayurveda for treatment of skin diseases, excessive pitta, excessive kapha, toxins in body, bleeding disorders and healing of wounds.

Neem Root bark and young fruits are astringent, tonic and antiperiodic (prevent recurrence of diseases).

Guduchi / Giloy / Tinospora cordifolia, is recommended for diabetes, burning sensation, fever, edema etc. It has been scientifically validated in various animal models for hypoglycemic, immunomodulatory, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and other pharmacological activities. The aqueous and alcoholic extract of the plant has been shown to improve glucose tolerance. It has hypoglycemic, anti-oxidant and analgesic activity and reduces burning sensation.

Vidanga has carminative and hepatoprotective activity. It is anthelmintic, astringent, alterative and tonic.

Ayurvedic Action of Himalaya Talekt Capsules

  • Krimighna: Anthelmintic
  • Kushthahar: Used in skin diseases
  • Raktdoshhar: Cures impurities of the blood
  • Svashhar: Alleviates asthma
  • Trishnashodhana: Relieves thirst

Biomedical Action of Himalaya Talekt Capsules

  • Alterative: Alter favorably the course of an ailment.
  • Anthelmintic: Expel parasitic worms (helminths) and other internal parasites from the body.
  • Anti-inflammatory: Reducing inflammation by acting on body mechanisms.
  • Depurative: Purifying agent.
  • Hepatoprotective: Prevent damage to the liver.
  • Antioxidant: Neutralize the oxidant effect of free radicals and other substances.
  • Antiseptic: Capable of preventing infection by inhibiting the growth of infectious agents.
  • Deobstruent: Removing obstructions; having power to clear or open the natural ducts of the fluids and secretions of the body.

Himalaya Talekt Capsules Health Benefits

  • It has antimicrobial and detoxifying properties.
  • It helps in dermal infections caused by gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria.
  • It has anti-allergic property and controls itching associated with dermal infections and allergies.
  • It improves the immune response to dermal infections and reduces the risk of relapse.
  • Himalaya Talekt Capsules Therapeutic Uses

Sebaceous gland disorders:

  • Infective and noninfective acne vulgaris
  • Rosacea (facial redness, inflammation of the cheek, nose, chin and forehead)
  • Bacterial skin infections:
  • Furuncles and carbuncles (infections of the hair follicle)
  • Paronychia (bacterial hand/foot nail infection)


  • Infective
  • Allergic

Systemic mycoses:

  • Ringworm
  • Candidiasis (fungal yeast infection)

Parasitic skin infections:

  • Scabies
  • Pediculosis (lice infestation)

Papulosquamous disorders:

  • Psoriasis
  • Himalaya Talekt Capsules Dosage
  • The recommended dosage of medicine is 2 tablets.
  • It should be taken twice a day, in the morning and evening.
  • It is to be taken with water.
  • Or take as directed by doctor.


  • Use mild soap.
  • Do not take pitta vardhak/heating food items, spicy-oily and heavy to digest food items.
  • Wear clean cotton clothes.
  • Do not touch pimples with your fingers.
  • Avoid touching affected skin areas.
  • Drink plenty of water.
  • Limit salt intake. Excess salt intake, causes water retention in body. This contributes to swelling, and retention of toxins in body.

Suggestions, Contraindications, Interactions, Side-effects and Warnings

  • It is completely safe to take this medicine in recommended doses. Do check the list of ingredients and their contraindications to avoid any side effects.
  • Effectivity of herbal medicine depends on many factors. A medicine suitable for one person may not essentially give same result in another person.
  • Exact dose depends on the age, strength, digestive power of the patient, the nature of the illness, the state of the viscera and humours, and the properties of individual drugs.
  • Keep away from the sight and reach of children.
  • Please maintain a gap of at least an hour between intake of any allopathic drug and Ayurvedic medicine to avoid drug interaction, if any.
  • Do not use many different medicines for the treatments of same disease.

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