Papaya Leaf Extracts Medicines Details

Papaya leaf extract used to prevent low platelet count in dengue fever. This is very effective immunity builder and improves digestion.

Papaya leaf extracts contain the extracts of papaya leaves(Caripill Tablets, and Caripill Syrup). It is primarily used to prevent low platelet count in dengue fever. It helps by regenerating platelets, white blood cells, and preventing growth of virus in the body. Papaya leaves juice, and extract is very effective in the treatment of Dengue fever. The enzymes from the leaves are good for the digestive system.

Latin name: Carica papaya

Plant description: Carica papaya Linn, is a small tree with a soft, hollow trunk, naturalized throughout India. When cut, the entire plant exudes a milky juice. The trunk is rough, and the leaves are crowded at the trunk’s apex. Unripe fruit vary in size from 9.0 cm to 16.0 cm, elliptic-pandurate in shape with smooth green surface, having single cavity inside, and only few seeds are found; cavity is livid by the membranous endocarp; fruit is largely consisted of thick fleshy mesocarp; latex oozes out on cutting the surface; slightly bitter in taste with no characteristic odour. The fruit is green before ripening. When ripe, it turns yellow or remains greenish with a squash like appearance.

Habitat, and Distribution: Papaya is Indigenous to tropical America, and West Indies but cultivated throughout the tropics.

Chief action: Increase white blood cells, and platelets, normalizes clotting, and repairs the liver.

Vernacular Names

  1. English: Melon Tree, Papaw, Papaya, Papeta, Paupau, Pawpaw, Tree Melon
  2. Arabic: Aanabahe-hindi, Ambe-hindi
  3. Bengal: Papeya, Pappaiya, Pepe, Pepiya
  4. Sinhalese: Gas-labu, Pepol
  5. Malayalam: Kappa lam, Karmmosu, Pappayam
  6. Nepal: Mewa
  7. Oriya: Bhonda, Popoya
  8. Tamil: Pappali


  • The entire plant contains a proteolytic enzyme papain (papayotin), mallic acid, and calcium mallate.
  • The leaves contain a glucoside carposide, and an alkaloid carpaine. Younger leaves are especially rich in carpaine (0·25 percent), while older ones contain much less (0·07 percent).
  • Papain, chymopapain, cystatin, tocopherol, ascorbic acid, flavonoids, cyanogenic-glucosides, and glucosinolates are also present.
  • The alkaloids, flavonoids, saponins, tannin, and glycosides are related with anti-inflammatory activity.

Indication of Papaya Leaf Extract

Adjuvant for increasing the thrombocytes (stop bleeding by clumping, and clotting blood vessel) in dengue fever.

Main Medicinal Properties

  1. Antibacterial: Active against bacteria.
  2. Antiinflammatory: Reducing inflammation by acting on body mechanisms.
  3. Antipyretic/antifebrile/febrifuge: Effective against fever.
  4. Antitumor, anticancer: Preventing or inhibiting the formation or growth of tumors
  5. Immunomodulatory: Modifies the immune response or the functioning of the immune system.
  6. Increase platelet
  7. Prevents bleeding
  8. Stimulates Appetite

Benefits of Papaya Leaf Extract

  1. It helps to increase platelet count.
  2. When fresh papaya leaves are not available, it is god option for the same.
  3. It is easy to take.
  4. It improves immunity.
  5. It improves digestion.
  6. It has anti-viral properties.
  7. It is beneficial in dengue, and malaria.
  8. It is a good source of vitamins, and minerals.
  9. It increase the total antioxidant activity in blood, and reduce lipid peroxidation level.

Availability in Market

Many Papaya leaf extracts are available in market. Some of them are listed below.

1. Caripill Tablets, and Caripill Syrup

  • Marketed By: Micro labs, Bangalore
  • Form: capsules
  • Strength: 1100 mg
  • MRP: Rs. 375.00 for 15 pills
  • Dosage: 1 tablet thrice a day for 5-7 days.

2. Papaya Leaf Extract (500mg), 60 Veg Capsules

  • Manufacturer: Natures velvet lifecare
  • Strength: 500 mg
  • Form: Capsules
  • MRP: Rs. 599.00

3. iOTH Carica Papaya leaf Extract

  1. Manufacturer: iOTH
  2. Contains: 550mg along with excipients, Gelatin, and Glycerine
  3. Form: liquid softgel capsules
  4. MRP: Rs. 718.00

4. Platigro

  1. Manufacturer: NWIL
  2. Form: capsules
  3. MRP: Rs. 360.00 for 15 pills

What Science say about use of Papaya leaf in Dengue?

A scientific study, was done to investigate the potential role of fresh Carica papaya (C. papaya) leaf extract on haematological, and biochemical parameters. For the study, total 36 mice were used. Fresh C. papaya leaf extract [0.2 mL (2 g)/mouse] was given only to the test group (18 mice). General behavior, clinical signs, and feeding patterns were recorded. Haematological parameters including platelet, red blood cell (RBC), white blood cell (WBC), packed cell volume (PCV), serum biochemistry including serum creatinine, serum glutamic-oxaloacetic transaminase (SGOT), and serum glutamic-pyruvic transaminase (SGPT) were determined.

The result concluded the fresh C. papaya leaf extract significantly increased the platelet, and RBC counts in the test group as compared to controls without causing any acute/subacute toxicity.

A clinical study was done on sample size of 80 subjects suffering from Dengue. These subjects were randomized into two groups of 40, including the control, and intervention group (received two Carica papaya leaves extract capsules three times daily). The results showed that Carica papaya leaves extract capsules of 550 mg, given twice-thrice daily had significantly increased the platelet count , maintained stability of hematocrit (ratio of the volume of red blood cells to the total volume of blood) in the normal level, shorten hospitalization in dengue fever patients, and accelerates the increased in platelet count compared with control group.

The study concluded, Carica Papaya Leaf extract can be used as an additional or as a complementary drug in dengue fever patients, accelerates the increased in platelet count, and shorten the hospitalization period.

Contra-indications: Hypersensitivity, Pregnancy, prostate dysfunction

Side-effects: Nausea, Vomiting, Abdominal pain, Heartburn, Dyspepsia

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