Habb-e-Bawaseer Khooni For Piles Treatment

Habb-e-Bawaseer Khooni is used in the treatment of bleeding piles. It is an Unani medicine made from Rasaut, Sang-e-Jarahat, Kateera Safaid, Geru, and Mazu Sabz.

Rasaut is also known as or Rasont, rasaunt or rasanjana. This preparation is crude, a concentrated extract prepared from the roots and stem bark Daruhaldi or Berberis aristata. For preparing rasaut, the bark of the root and of the lower part of the stem is boiled in water, strained and evaporated till a semi-solid mass (rasaut) is obtained.

Rasut is useful in several ailments, such as bleeding piles, ulcers, jaundice, enlarged liver, enlarged spleen, and conjunctivitis.

Rasot is used in the management of infected wounds.  It reduces inflammations and stops bleeding. It has mild laxative, Tonic, blood-purifier and febrifuge action. Rasont is also used externally as a wash for bleeding piles.

Habb-e-Bawaseer Khooni Composition

  1. Rasaut 140 gram
  2. Sang-e-Jarahat 20 gram
  3. Kateera safaid 40 gram
  4. Geru 40 gram
  5. Mazu Sabz 20 gram

Mazu Sabz or majuphal (gall oak) is obtained from Quercus infectoria (Q. infectoria) (Family: Fagaceae). It is used as a home remedy for sore throat and chronic diarrhea.  The galls have been known to pocess medicinal properties, such as astringent, anti-inflammatory, antiviral, antidiabetic, larvicidal, antibacterial, antiulcerogenic and gastroprotective activities.

Habb-e-Bawaseer Khooni action

Mulaiyian (Anti Constipation)

Habis ud Dam (Haemostatic: retarding or stopping the flow of blood within the blood vessels)

Habb-E-Bawaseer Khooni Therapeutic Use

Habb-e-Bawaseer Khooni is useful in treatment of Bawaseer-e-Khooni.

In khooni bawasir or bleeding piles there is bleeding from rectum, constipation, pain in ano, prolapse and discharge from anum.

The symptoms of bawasir are bright red blood on the toilet paper or in the toilet after bowel motion. There may be some itchiness, discomfort or pain around the anus. Sometimes there can be a noticeable lump that sticks out of the anus.

The treatment of condition involves taking anti constipation medicines, making dietary changes, and the use of creams and ointments applied around the anus. More severe cases may require surgery.

Habb-e-Bawaseer Khooni dose

Habb-e-Bawaseer Khooni should be taken in dose of Two pills (Each 720 mg) twice a day.

Habb-e-Bawaseer Khooni Side effects

This is a herbal preparation with no known serious side effects.

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