Habb-E-Bawaseer badi for constipation and piles

Hab Bawasir Badi is Unani medicine for constipation, hard stool, flatulent and piles. it gives relief in constipation and itching. it also relieves pain associated with piles.

In Unani medicine, hemorrhoids are known as Bawaseer. Bawaseer is the plural of baasoor, which means wart or polyp-like swelling. According to Hippocrates (Buqrat) Bawaseer is the varicosities of the internal mucous membrane of the rectum in which the veins get swollen similar to the veins of the lower limb.

The reasons for symptomatic hemorrhoids are unknown. But there are certain risk factors such as:

  • Aging
  • Chronic constipation
  • Chronic cough
  • Diet low in fiber
  • Increased intra-abdominal pressure (prolonged straining, an intra-abdominal
  • Irregular bowel habits
  • Less water drinking
  • Mass, or pregnancy)
  • Obesity
  • Pelvic floor dysfunction
  • Prolonged sitting

Habb-E-Bawaseer Badi Action/benefits

  • Mulaiyin
  • Relieves pain and itching in piles

Habb-E-Bawaseer Badi Dose

Take two pills (each 850 mg) of habb-e-bawaseer badi in the morning with water before breakfast.

Habb-E-Bawaseer badi Composition

Habb-E-Bawaseer badi is a herbal medicine for non-bleeding piles. This medicine is a combination of Berberis Aristata extract, Melia azedarach or Bakain seed pulp, Neem seed pulp, and Acacia arabica gum.

  1. Rasaut 100 gram
  2. Maghz Tukhm-e-Bakaian 50 gram
  3. Maghz Tukhm-e-Neem 150 gram
  4. Gond Keekar 10 gram

Habb-E-Bawaseer badi therapeutic uses

Habb-e-Bawaseer Badi is one of the classical Unani poly-herbal compound formulations. It is therapeutically useful in the ailments of Bawaseer Badi (Non-bleeding piles).

  • In Bawaseer-e-Badi
  • Qabz

It is important to eliminate the cause of disease. The main cause for the development of hemorrhoids is saudawi or morbid matter, so Tanqiya (expelling) of this morbid matter from the body with the help of different procedures is done and its formation in the body should also be avoided.

Diet and lifestyle modifications are also required. The patient should take steps to avoid constipation.

Surgery is required in patients with acute complications or when another treatment has failed.

As a topical treatment for the relief of symptoms patient should use warm (40°C) sitz baths. Soaking time

should be limited (15 min). The application of ice packs to the anal region also may relieve symptoms.  Spicy, fried, nonveg food items, constant sitting, excessive straining, should be avoided. Include cow milk, butter, buttermilk, wheat, ghee, green vegetables in the diet.


  1. Habbe bawasir badi ko khuni ya badi dono me istemal kar sakte hai kya
    Main habbe bawasir badi aur habbe muqir le Raha hu kyaa sahi hai?

  2. Can habbe badi bawasir be taken during pregnancy

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