Arlak A-BGN Diabetes Capsules

Know the ingredients and uses of Arlak A-BGN . Know the diseases in which this medicine is effective. This is very effective in diabetes. Learn how to use this medicine?

Arlak A-BGN is a polyherbal antidiabetic medicine helpful in management of blood sugar level. It is completely herbal and contains extract derived from 8 medicinal herbs viz. Daruhaldi, Vijaysar, Gudmar, Methi, Giloy, Ashwagandha, Neem and Karela. It has antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, hypoglycemic, antidiabetic, nutritive, tonic and health promoting properties.

Here is given more about this medicine, such as benefits, indication/therapeutic uses, composition and dosage.

  • Significance of name: A-BGN is acronym for ARLAK’S BLOOD GLUCOSE NORMALIZER capsules
  • Manufacturer: Arlak Ayurveda (A Division of Arlak Group)
  • Availability:  Online and at medical stores
  • Type of medicine: Polyherbal combination
  • Main Indication: Diabetes
  • Suitable for: Unisex
  • MRP/Price: A-BGN 60 capsules @ INR 330.00

Ingredients of Arlak A-BGN Diabetes Capsules

  1. Daruhaldi 1250 mg
  2. Vijaysar 450 mg
  3. Gudmar 450 mg
  4. Methi 400 mg
  5. Giloy 400 mg
  6. Ashwagandha 100 mg
  7. Neem 250 mg
  8. Karela 250 mg

Know the Ingredients

Daruharidhra/Darvi/Darurajani or Berberis aristata Linn is used in Ayurveda for many conditions, especiallyin  anaemia, oedema, genitourinary disorders, parasitic infections, skin diseases including ulcers, conjunctivitis and liver disease. It shares the properties of Haldi or Turmeric. A decoction of the roots and bark is given for jaundice, diarrhea, malarial fever and painful micturition due to bilious or acrid urine.

The root and stem of tree contain isoquinoline alkaloids such as berberine, berbamine, jatrorrhizine, oxyberberine, palmatine, magnoflorine, oxyacanthine and others.

Berberine, encourages glucose-stimulated insulin secretion rather than basal insulin secretion in dose dependent manner.  Berberine has been shown to increase the blood supply to the spleen; it activates macrophages; improves filtration of the blood; releases compounds that potentiate immune function and correct metabolic abnormalities.

Vijaysar (Pterocarpus marsupium) is a deciduous tree of the family Leguminosae. It is also known as Indian Kino Tree, Bijaka, Pitasara and Pitashalaka. It lowers blood sugar and lipid level. The heartwood of the tree is used to make tumblers in which water is kept overnight and taken next day.

It restores the normal insulin production of the pancreas and stabilizes the normal sugar levels. It may also lower blood sugar through an unrelated pathway of that of insulin making it useful in the treatment of both types of diabetics. It regenerates, reverse the damage and repopulate the β-cells in the pancreas.

Gudmar (Gymnema sylvestre, family Asclepiadaceae), is a woody climber found in central and peninsular India. It is one of the main herb used in Ayurveda to treat diabetes due to its hypoglycemic activities. For medicinal purpose roots and leaves of plant are used. The chewing of leaf lowers cholesterol, triglycerides, lipid and blood sugar level. Gudmar controls the sugar level as it increases insulin secretion, regenerates islet cells, increases utilization of glucose, and inhibits absorption of sugar from intestine.

Gudmar is bitter, acrid, anodyne, anthelmintic, antipyretic, astringent, cardiotonic, digestive, diuretic, emetic, expectorant, laxative, stimulant, stomachic, uterine tonic. It used in Ayurveda for treating amenorrhea, asthma, bronchitis, cardiopathy, Conjunctivitis, constipation, cough, dyspepsia, piles, hemorrhoids, hepatosplenomegaly, inflammations, intermittent fever, Jaundice and diabetes.

Methi has diuretic, tonic, carminative, astringent, and antidiabetic. It is used to treat diabetes, coughing, colic, dysentery, diarrhea, dropsy, rheumatism, and subdue deranged Vata.

Guduchi / Giloy / Tinospora cordifolia, is recommended for diabetes, burning sensation, fever, edema etc. It has been scientifically validated in various animal models for hypoglycemic, immunomodulatory, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and other pharmacological activities. The aqueous and alcoholic extract of the plant has been shown to improve glucose tolerance.

Guduchi is helpful in significantly reducing the sugar level in blood. It is useful in liver diseases, urinary disorders, general debility, dyspepsia, and fever.

Neem (Synonym: Azadirachta indica Melia azadirachta, Margosa Tree) is well-known and common tree of India. It has significant antiseptic, insecticide, analgesic, anti-inflammatory and laxative properties. It is a general antiseptic and removes blood toxins.  It has cooling and has soothing effect. Neem is used to treat intestinal worms, heat-rash, boils, wounds, jaundice, leprosy, skin disorders, stomach ulcers, chicken pox, malarial fever and diabetes.

Ashwagandha / Withania somnifera / Indian ginseng / Indian winter cherry, has antidepressant effect on central nervous system. It has stimulant effect on brain and reduces anxiety and stress.

Bitter melon / Karela (Momordica charantia family Cucurbitaceae) is well known bitter anti-diabetic herb. The fruits and seeds of this plant are being reported to exert hypoglycemic effect. It contains several chemical constituents, including the glycosides (mormordin and charantin) and alkaloid (mormordicine). It also contains an insulin-like polypeptide called Polypeptide-P. Polypeptide-P has been designated as the ‘plant insulin which lowers blood sugar levels when injected subcutaneously gerbils, langurs and diabetic patients.

Biomedical Action

  • Anti-hyperglycemic: Counteracting high levels of glucose in the blood.
  • Anti-inflammatory: Reducing inflammation by acting on body mechanisms.
  • Antioxidant: Neutralize the oxidant effect of free radicals and other substances.
  • Diuretic: Promoting excretion of urine/agent that increases the amount of urine excreted.
  • Hepatoprotective: Prevent damage to the liver.
  • Hypoglycemic: Reducing level of the sugar glucose in the blood.
  • Neuroprotective: Protects neuronal structure and/or function.

Benefits of Arlak A-BGN Diabetes Capsules

  1. It helps to manage blood sugar level.
  2. It contains Neem, Karela, Gudmar and other bitter herbs which helps to increases insulin secretion, regenerates islet cells, increases utilization of glucose, and inhibits absorption of sugar from intestine.
  3. It contains Gudmar which suppresses the intestinal absorption of saccharides, and thus prevents blood sugar fluctuations, stimulates pancreatic beta cells which increases insulin secretion and decreases the desire to eat sweet foods.
  4. It has antioxidant action.
  5. It gives strength to body.
  6. It is prepared from natural time-tested herbs and spices.
  7. It helps to balance Vata-Pitta-Kapha.
  8. It is safe to take for longer duration.
  9. It helps to reduce risk of diabetic related complications.
  10. It reduces fatigue, tiredness and weakness.

Important Therapeutic Uses of Arlak A-BGN Diabetes Capsules

This medicine is suitable for all gender and used in management of Diabetes. It has antioxidant effects and helps in reducing diabetes related complications.

Type 2 Diabetes (non-insulin dependent): Type 2 diabetes typically develops in adulthood. This condition occurs when the body either does not produce enough insulin or the insulin produced does not work efficiently. Few important symptoms of diabetes are excessive urination, thirst, hunger and blurred vision.

It is important to monitor and maintain proper blood sugar level in diabetes. It is also important to know that there is no cure for this condition but only management is possible.

Dosage of Arlak A-BGN Diabetes Capsules

The recommended dosage of medicine is 1 tablet (if Fasting Blood Sugar less than 140 mg/dl) or 2 tablets (Fasting Blood Sugar more than 140 mg/dL).

  1. Patients taking insulin and allopathic anti-diabetic medicines require 1 capsule twice daily of A-BGN.
  2. It should be taken twice a day, in the morning and evening, half an hour before meal.
  3. It is to be taken with water.
  4. Or take as directed by doctor.

Contraindications, Interactions, Side-effects and Warnings

  1. It is completely safe to take this medicine in recommended doses.
  2. When taken along with allopathic medicines or insulin, take only 1 capsule twice daily. Monitor blood glucose level. If it reduces then reduce the dosage of allopathic medicines or insulin units (2 to 4 units at a time) and increase the dosage of A-BGN to 2 capsules twice daily under supervision of physician.
  3. Do not reduce its dosage immediately. Continued in its recommended dosage for at least 3 months.
  4. Along with the medicine, do make necessary dietary changes and do physical exercise for better management of diabetes. Only intake of medicine does not work.
  5. Effectivity of herbal medicine depends on many factors. A medicine suitable for one person may not essentially give same result in another person.
  6. Keep away from the sight and reach of children.
  7. Do not take any medicine during pregnancy without consulting doctor.
  8. It is highly recommended to measure blood sugar level at frequent intervals. If the blood sugar level is not managed then you may need to change the medicine.

Lifestyle and Diet for Managing diabetes

  1. Make suitable Food choices + Be physical active + Take medicines if needed.
  2. For controlling diabetes, it is necessary to maintain stress free life, healthy diet and regular exercise.
  3. Eat healthy diet include green vegetable, salads and fruits.
  4. Drink water empty stomach in morning.
  5. Decrease portion size and take meal at same time each day and do not skip meal.
  6. Take less fat and calories.
  7. Do not eat rice, banana, pomegranate, anjeer, cheeku, apples, sugar, misri and potatoes.
  8. Do not smoke and consume tobacco.
  9. Monitor blood sugar by measuring it to know how control it is. Blood sugar should be 80-120 mg/dl before breakfast and 100-140 mg/dl at bedtime.
  10. Make a regime of regular exercise as walking, yoga etc.
  11. If obese try to shed excess weight.

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  1. 1.Does each capsule weigh > 3550 mgms ( the total of the 8 ingredients you have listed ?

    2,How does one chose between A-BGN, BRG-34 & IME-9 ?


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