Minims 23 Setin M Drops For Male Problems

Minims 23 Setin M Drops is a very good homeopathic medicine for male sexual problems. Know what are the conditions in which this can be taken. Know Minims 23 Setin M Drops composition and directions to use.

Bhargava Minims 23 Setin M drops, is a proprietary homeopathic medicine from Bhargava Phytolab Pvt. Ltd. These liquid drops are for men to improve sexual performance by stimulating male desire (sex power). It works on male reproductive organs and helps to achieve a better erection, control ejaculation, and to improve potency.

  • Brand/Manufacturer: Bhargava Phytolab Pvt. Ltd.
  • Availability: Online and at medical stores
  • Type of medicine: Proprietary Homeopathic Medicine
  • Main Indication: Low libido, desire activator
  • Presentation: Liquid drops
  • Price of Setin M drops: 30ml @ INR 125
  • Contraindications: No known contraindication.
  • Interactions: No known interaction of Bhargava No 23 Setin M drops.
  • Side-effects: No known side effects.

Common Male Sexual Problems

Low libido: It is a lack of interest in sexual activity that may be seen in women and men. This condition develops as a result of low testosterone.  Medicines like antidepressants and blood pressure medicines, use of alcohol or marijuana can also contribute to this.  Some other major factors like Stress or tiredness from work, Too little or too much exercise, or Feelings of dissatisfaction with the relationship.

Causes of low libido

This can be of two types-

  1. of shorter duration
  2. of longer duration.

Erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation are the two most common complaints of male patients. ED is a recurrent inability to attain or maintain a penile erection which is sufficient for satisfactory sexual activity. It is a very common condition affecting one in five men over the age of 40 years. It is also observed that with each increasing decade of age, the chance of having erectile problems increases.


  1. Alcohol and drug abuse
  2. Cigarette smoking
  3. Depression
  4. Diabetes
  5. Employment and financial pressures
  6. High cholesterol
  7. Multiple sclerosis
  8. Performance anxiety
  9. The person on medicines of hypertension, depression prostate cancer.
  10. Relationship problems
  11. Surgery involving the prostate.
  12. Thyroid disease

Premature ejaculation is a condition in which ejaculation happens too early without satisfaction.

Dry ejaculation is a condition in which semen flows backward into the bladder rather than out of the penis during ejaculation.

Spermatorrhoea is a condition in which it is excessive, involuntary ejaculation. In this condition, a person has a seminal weakness and releases more semen than normal.

Minims 23 Setin M Drops Composition

Minims are cost-effective Liquid Oral Drops prepared from a blend of highly effective plant extracts, potentized & formulated in the purest form of alcohol.

The Minims range from Nos. 1-50, each comprising of a unique preparation to treat various ailments. Setin-M is No 23 and is a Desire Activator.

Every 10 ml of Bhargava No 23 Setin M contains

  1. Avena sativa 2.0ml
  2. Damiana 2.0ml
  3. Ginseng 1.5ml
  4. Acidum phosphoricum 1.5ml
  5. Sabal serreulata 1.0ml
  6. Yohimbinum 1.0ml
  7. Agnus castus 1.0ml Alcohol 65% v/v

Damiana 2X is a very useful drug in the treatment of sexual neurasthenia and impotency. It is best suited to old people with prostatic discharge. It can also be given to weak, exhausted people with spermatorrhoea. It is given in cases of sexual weakness in nervous people. It is given in  Chronic prostatic discharge which leads to functional weakness.

Avena sativa 2X- It has the main action on the brain and nervous system. It is a very good remedy for nervous exhaustion with sexual weakness. This can be given to morphine habitual person.  It is the best tonic for weakness after exhaustive diseases. It can be given in nervous tremors in the aged and conditions like paralysis agitans, epilepsy, rheumatic condition of the heart. It can be given for the bad effects of morphine habit.  It can be given in sleeplessness especially in alcoholics. It is a very good remedy for the enlargement of the prostate.

Ginseng  Quinquefolium 3X- Its main seat of action is on the lower part of the spinal cord. It is a very good remedy for rheumatic pains after frequent emissions. The person feels the weakness of the genital organs. It can cure excessive sexual excitement.

Yohimbinum 2X- It is a remedy that helps in the overstimulation of sexual organs. It is an aphrodisiac when used in physiological doses. In Homeopathy it is used in conditions where there is congestion of sexual organs. It helps in strong and lasting erections. It can be cases of neurasthenic impotence and urethritis.

Agnus castus 3X- Its main seat of action is on sexual organs. It lowers sexual vitality associated with mental depression and loss of nervous energy. This remedy acts mainly on men. It is suited for a person who has a premature old age because of abuse of sexual power and has a history of repeated gonorrhea with yellow discharge from the urethra. It is suited to a person who experiences sadness with the impression of speedy death. He has sexual melancholy and sadness. It can cure when a patient has no erection along with impotence. Sexual parts cold, relaxed with no desire. A person has scanty emissions without ejaculation. It can cure prostatorrhea, where a person has a loss of prostatic fluid on staining.

Acidum phosphoricum 6X– This remedy has a marked debility, so much so that it produces nervous exhaustion. The patient has mental debility first, later on, he develops physically. It is suited to young people who grow very rapidly and turn into adults. These people are mentally and physically very tired.  A patient suffers this condition as a result of grief, any acute disease in past, or loss of blood and other vital fluids. This can be given to a person who has impaired memory. He is very indifferent. He cannot collect his thoughts or find the right word. All of his complaints are due to grief and mental shock. It can cure emissions which at night and at stool. It can cure impotence, where sexual power is deficient. The patient also suffers from orchitis where testicles are tender and swollen. Sexual parts feel relax during the embrace. It can cure Prostatorrhea when passing soft stool.  It can cure the eczema of the scrotum.

Worse-  from exertion, from being talked to, loss of vital fluids, from sexual excesses.

Better- from keeping warm.

Sabal serreulata 2X- It can cure sexual weakness. It is a very good remedy for prostatic enlargement with difficulties in passing urine. The patient also has a fear of going to sleep. He is confused. He dislikes sympathy, makes him angry. It can be given in wasting of testes along with loss of sexual power. Sexual intercourse is very painful at the time of emission. It can cure impotence where organs feel cold.  

Minims 23 Setin M Drops Benefits

  1. It acts as an aphrodisiac.
  2. It enhances libido and copulatory performance.
  3. It facilitates penile erection.
  4. It improves potency and low sperm count.
  5. It controls profuse emissions. It also prevents weakness and flaccidity of the penis.
  6. It cures mental weakness. It also improves general weakness caused by excessive sexual indulgence and masturbation.
  7. It stimulates the genital area by enriching the oxygen supply.
  8. It stimulates the male sexual organs by activating the nervous structure.

Minims 23 Setin M Drops Important Therapeutic Uses

Setin M Drops (Minims 23), is mainly indicated as a desire activator for males.

  1. Debility
  2. Improving Male Performance
  3. Involuntary Emission of Vital Fluid
  4. Low Libido
  5. Physical Mental Exhaustion

Minims 23 Setin M Drops Dosage

The recommended dosage of medicine is 10-15 drops of Bhargava No 23 Setin M drops in half cup water thrice a day or as directed by the physician.

Suggestions, Contraindications, Interactions, Side-effects, and Warnings

  1. It has no known side-effect.
  2. It has no known drug interaction.
  3. It is completely safe to take this medicine in recommended doses

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