Anger Management Using Homeopathy

Learn some anger management techniques and homeopathic medicines to reduce stress and anger. These medicines are very effective in managing anger without any side effects.

Anger is a strong human emotion. It is a physical and mental response to a threat or harm done in the past. In psychology, it is said that Anger is the umbrella emotion and it covers numerous feelings like hurt, embarrassment, rejection, fear, insecurity. It is not a condition. It is a symptom that indicates that life is unbalanced.

It is a natural response when a person is attacked, deceived, frustrated, or treated unfairly. It should be kept in mind that Anger is not always a bad emotion. At times, it can be useful as it can help us to defend ourselves in dangerous situations.

What Causes Anger?

Anger can be due to innumerable reasons in today’s fast pace of life. Even the children seemed to suffer from this. Though it is just impossible to list all the factors that are responsible for Anger but below are listed some of the common causes.

  1. Excessive work
  2. Go for office without breakfast
  3. If a person is treated unfairly
  4. Insufficient sleep
  5. No exercise
  6. No time for oneself
  7. When a person is threatened or attacked
  8. When a person feels frustrated or powerless

What is the associated symptom with Anger?

The associated symptom with Anger is as follows:

  1. Anxiety
  2. Fear of abandonment
  3. Impulsive behavior like taking drugs and alcohol
  4. Unstable moods

What are the warning signs of Anger?

  1. Causing problem in day to day life.
  2. When Anger is expressed through destructive behavior.
  3. When it is having an effect on mental and physical health.

What are the different ways in which Anger is expressed?

When a person is angry, he or she may behave differently than the normal way. Aggression, shouting, violence is the most common ways by which Anger is displayed.

Aggression and violence: Such as shouting, swearing, slamming doors, hitting or throwing things, and being physically violent, verbally abusive, and threatening towards others.

Inward aggression: When a person hates himself, denying himself basic needs like food, cutting himself off from the world, and self-harming.

Non-violent or passive aggression: Such as ignoring people or refusing to speak to them, refusing to do tasks, or deliberately doing things poorly, being sarcastic while not saying anything aggressive or angry.

Diseases associated with Anger

Anger can cause mental health problems. It can lead to a stressful life. A person can lose self-esteem. It can further lead to depression, anxiety, eating problems or self-harm, sleep problems. A person can become addicted to alcohol and drugs. It can lead to personality disorders like psychosis. It can lead to physical problems like colds and flu, digestive problems, high blood pressure.

How a person expresses his Anger?

How a person expresses his Anger depends on:-

His childhood and upbringing: If a person is punished for expressing Anger as a child. If Anger is suppressed for a long time in childhood it may become a long-term problem in adulthood. Another situation comes when parents or other adults become out of control. So, a child considers Anger as destructive and he became terrified from expressing Anger.

His current atmosphere: Anger can be seen in a situation when someone has lost a very important person in life.

His past experiences.

A person can easily control Anger by following simple steps.

As Anger causes a rush of adrenaline through the body, it can lead to symptoms like, fast heartbeat, quick breathing, body become tense, tapping in feet, clenching of jaw or fists which is shown in excessive Anger.

Look out for warning signs.

Take some time to think: If you feel very angry, just walk away from the situation for a while. This will give you time to work out what you’re thinking about the situation. In this time decide how to react according to the situation and be in a more balanced way. In the meantime to control Anger, you can count to 10 before giving any reaction. You can go for a short walk.

The best way to manage Anger by talking to your most trusted friend. It will help to become peaceful.

Some techniques for managing Anger

Breathe slowly: try to breathe out for longer than you breathe in and focus on each breath as you take it.

Relax your body: If a person feels his body getting tense, he should try to focus on the body part and should relax it.

Try to use up some energy safely: in order to calm down, a person can do certain activities like tearing up a newspaper, or hitting a pillow, or smashing ice cubes in a sink. This will prevent the person from doing any anti: social activity.

Do something to distract the mind: A person in order to divert his mind can do certain activities like listening to music and dance, doing some coloring, can take a cold shower.

Always try to calm down and express your Anger by talking in a respectful way rather than abusive language, so that others may understand you better.

Change in lifestyle: Avoid drugs and alcohol, as these affect the ability to control emotions and actions. It can lead to violence.

Be physically active: Go for a walk or do some routine exercises which make your mood better.

A person should take a good sleep.

Take healthy food and drinks.

Learn to deal with pressure: Always tackle pressure calmly. Do not panic.

Self-talk: Replace negative mental thoughts by doing self-talk.

Laugh: Just laugh out loud or do something that will make you laugh such as reading a joke book or watching a comedy on TV.

Stretching: Sit in a chair with your upper body resting forward on your lap. Slowly roll up, starting at the base of your spine, until your back is straight. Stretch neck muscles by tilting your head to the right and slowly rolling your head down and to the left. Repeat a few times in both directions.

Self-Massage: Sit with your shoulders relaxed. Use your right hand to massage your left shoulder and neck, working your way up to the scalp. Repeat, using the left hand for the right shoulder.

These are some techniques that are useful when a person is very angry for a short duration. If Anger is creating a lot of problem for a long time he should pay attention to certain issues like:

  1. He / She should learn his triggers.
  2. He / She should understand the situations which trigger his Anger.
  3. He / She should think and develop strategies that help to deal with the situation better before the situation happens actually.
  4. He can make a diary in which he should note down certain topics like:
  5. What were the circumstances?
  6. What other person did or do to trigger his Anger?
  7. How did you feel?
  8. How a person behaves?
  9. How did he feel afterward?
  10. Introspection is very necessary.

Few Helpful Homeopathic Medicine to Manage Anger

Anger can be right or wrong, reaction or overreaction, occasional or frequent. If you feel this Anger has become a problem then try to reduce it as a moment of Anger can cost you, dear. Below, there are few Homeopathic medicines that can be helpful according to a particular sign and symptoms of an individual.

Homeopathic Medicine Aconite

This remedy is associated with physical and mental restlessness and fright. This remedy covers all mental emotions and can be given safely for all mental troubles like fear, anxiety, restlessness. It can be given in Delirium in which the patient is very unhappy, worry has fearful. He

fears death but he believes that he will soon die. It can be given in cases where the patient has a fear of the future, has fear of the crowd, of crossing the street. Music is unbearable. He feels very sad by listening to music. This remedy is given to people who are excitable, are generally healthy and strong, but they develop illness rapidly and exhibit a marked loss of strength. It can be given for conditions like extreme phobias, panic attacks with fear of death. It can be given for after-effects of fear, bad effects of excitement. It can treat malicious behavior with a strong tendency to be angry, to be frightened, and to quarrel. The patient has a changeable mood, at one time sad, depressed, irritable, and despairing, at another time gay, excited, full of hope, and disposed to sing and dance. The patient has fear of the dark.

The patient feels worse when he is lying on the affected side, from listening to music, after inhaling tobacco smoke.

He feels worse after exposure to dry cold winds.

He feels better in the open air.

Aconite 30 Dosage: 3 pellets 3 times a day with less frequency as improvement is made.

Homeopathic Medicine Chamomilla

It can treat cases of Anger, where the patient suffers from asthma from Anger. It can treat irritability and hypersensitivity to pain. It can be given in cases where the patient suffers attacks of great anguish as if the heart would break, with complete discouragement. He has so Anger that he keeps tossing in bed, groans, and tears things with a violent pain in his stomach. It can cure a condition when a patient has a tendency to weeping along with anger. The patient is quarrelsome in nature. It can be best suited to patients who have a low pain threshold, as well as Anger. They are very angry in nature.

They are bad-tempered, easily offended, and impossible to please. They become red when angry and hate being touched. This bad temper, Anger, or stress causes many physical symptoms on the body. It can also be given to children who are very bad-natured and are pacified only if being carried and cuddled by someone walking around. Many things are given to him, but he refuses when given. He cries constantly because he cannot have what he wants. It is given to patients who are impatient, intolerant of being spoken to, or interrupted. All of their physical complaints start because of Anger.

The patient feels worse from heat, from Anger, from open-air, from the wind. They feel worse at night. The patient feels better from being carried and from warm wet weather.

Chamomilla-30 Dosage: 6 pills 2 times a day for 10 days.

Homeopathic Medicine Nux vomica

It is a great remedy for irritability found in the person. This suited those who are highly driven and ambitious, desire rich foods, and stimulants. It is also a great remedy for insomnia. This remedy is for workaholic personalities who drive themselves to stress and excess. They are ambitious and pushy, they thrive on challenges, and often work in managerial jobs. These are highly driven people and tend to overload their bodies at play as well as at work. They tend to have high sex drives. They consume too much rich food, coffee, and alcohol, and abuse drugs. These habits lead to tension and sleeplessness and often leads to digestive disorders. They suffer from peptic ulcers, liver problems because of their nature. This remedy is given for conditions like irritability and insomnia. It can also be given for hangover-like symptoms with disrupted sleep along with great irritability. The patient has sensitive to all impressions. It can be given for conditions when patients feel extreme sensitivity to noises, odors, light. He does not want to be touched.

The patient feels worse in the morning, He is worse from doing any mental exertion. He feels worse after eating, after any touch, from eating spices. He is worse from taking stimulants, narcotics, from dry weather, from cold.

The patient feels better from a nap. He feels better in the evening while resting in damp, wet weather.

Nux vomica Dosage: one dose of NUX VOM 1M on a single day. If it works satisfactorily during the next 7 days to overcome your impulsive nature, you can repeat the remedy in higher potencies whenever the symptoms recur.

Homeopathic Medicine Staphysagria

It is a remedy given for suppressed emotions and other problems arising from this. It is a remedy for people who suppress their emotions especially rage. These people are extremely sensitive, particularly to criticism or rudeness. They appear mild-natured and yielding on the surface, but they have irritation and Anger bubble away inside them. They have these emotions inside but as their emotions finally erupt, they often overreact and tremble with Anger. These people often crave alcohol and sweet foods. It can be given to people who are very sensitive as to what others say about them. It can be given to children who cries for many things and refuses them when offered. It is a very good remedy for the ill effects of anger and insults.

Patients feel worse from Anger, grief, loss of fluids, from sexual excesses. He feels worse from the use of tobacco.

The patient feels better after eating breakfast and from taking rest.

Staphysagria 30 Dosage: one time for 4 days less frequency as improvement is made.

Homeopathic Medicine Aurum Met

It is given to patients who are workaholic nature. It is a very good remedy for those who have bouts of anger and violence. They feel worse at night. It is given to patients who always set tough standards for themselves. If these goals are not achieved they consider that they have failed in this. They have a feeling of emptiness and despair. It is given for hypersensitivity, both emotionally and physically. As they are emotionally overcharged, they tend to overreact to criticism or contradiction. They explode into fierce Anger with trembling and flushing. This remedy can be given for depression and grief. In depression, these patients feel anxiety and a sense of worthlessness and despair. They have an empty feeling, as though everything is just for show but lacks substance. It is a very good remedy for clinical depression and suicide. It is a very good remedy for the treatment of suicide with increased blood pressure. The patient talks of committing suicide, but he has a fear of death.

The patient feels worse in cold weather and after getting cold.

Aurum Met Dosage: aurum met 200 2 times a day for 5 days with less frequency as improvement is made.

Homeopathic Medicine Tarentula Hispanica

It is a very good remedy for mood swings with extreme restlessness. It is a very good remedy for persons who show signs of hyperactivity, overstimulation. They have extreme sensitivity to music. It is a remedy for mood swings where the patient has laughter and happiness at one time rapidly replaced by violent, destructive rage and a marked tendency to be manipulative. It is most commonly prescribed to treat extreme Anger and mood swings and restless limbs. It is given in extreme restlessness as the patient is in constant motion. It can also cure destructive impulses and give relaxation. The patient is averse to the company but wants someone present all time.

The patient feels worse from motion, contact, by noise.

The patient feels better in the open air, from bright colors, from rubbing affected parts.

Tarentula Hispanica Dosage: Tarantula 200 2 times a day for 5 days with less frequency as improvement is made

Homeopathic Medicine Colocynth

It is very useful for conditions that are triggered by suppressed Anger. Because of suppressed Anger, these people have many complaints like they feel restless, anxious, and reserved. They are easily irritated or Angered. They have a strong sense of right and wrong. They feel humiliated if their opinion is contradicted. It can be given to people who are easily feel humiliated. It is suited to irritable people who easily angered and ill effects therefrom. The patient becomes angry when questioned.

The patient feels worse from Anger.

The patient feels better from hard pressure, warmth, lying with head bent forward.

Colocynth Dosage: Colocynth 200 2 times a day for 5 days with less frequency as improvement is made

Various other treatment to tackle Anger

Counseling: It is a short: term treatment. Here a patient can talk to a counselor to talk about some specific issues: like outbursts of Anger and how he can control the situation.

Meditation: It is an ancient technique practiced in many nations. It is an effective way of coping with daily stress.

Psychotherapy: It involves going to past experiences of a patient.

How to do Meditation?

Choose a quiet room which is not too brightly lit. The best time to do meditation is before breakfast and before dinner. Allow yourself five minutes at first and gradually work up to 20 minutes or more at a sitting.

Sit upright in a straight chair, with spine erect, your ears above your shoulders and your chin tucked in. The feet should be flat on the floor, your hands resting in your lap. Rock back and forth until you feel your posture is centered and balanced. Let your eyes droop nearly closed and directed toward a spot on the floor a few feet in front of you. Keep your body perfectly still unless you need to shift because of pain or discomfort.

Start with deep breathing. Inhale normally and exhale deeply, letting all the breath flow out. Pause, then inhale, letting the breath flow in naturally. Use the muscles of your abdomen rather than your chest to breathe.

Allow your breathing to become natural and somewhat slow, as though you were settling down to sleep. As you exhale, count “one. Continue counting, each time you exhale, up to 10. If thoughts enter your mind and you forget to count, simply notice and dismiss the thoughts, then begin again at “one”. The same with sounds and bodily sensations.

Many thoughts will enter your mind as you meditate. Don’t try to stop them, but don’t follow them either. Just let them pass through.

Meditation has a slow effect by doing it regularly, day after day.

Some Stress Relievers

when you often feel angry and you just want to relieve it, please try to make dietary and lifestyle changes. This will not only help you to keep calm but also manages Anger in a better way and thus improving quality of life.

  1. Apologize for a mistake
  2. Call up an old friend
  3. Change coffee break to exercise break
  4. Cry
  5. Cut back on caffeine
  6. Do one thing at a time
  7. Eat a good breakfast
  8. Forgive someone
  9. Get a massage
  10. Get a pet
  11. Learn to say no
  12. Lift weights
  13. Listen to the birds
  14. Make time to play
  15. Meditate
  16. Paint a peaceful scene in your imagination
  17. Plant a flower
  18. Quit smoking
  19. Read a good book
  20. Spend the evening without TV
  21. Stand up and stretch
  22. Wear earplugs when it’s noisy
  23. Write down your fears, your dreams, your congressman

To be angry in certain situations is justifiable but remaining always angry is not correct. It robs physicals and mental health. So, if you feel your anger has become a problem then try to reduce it as much as possible.

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