Schwabe ALPHA-MP for Muscular Pain

Schwabe ALPHA-MP is a very useful remedy that gives relief from muscular pain. Pain in muscle can be due to various causes and of various sensations. It is a remedy that covers all types of pain. It also cures muscular soreness. It treats the uneasy feeling of the limbs. It is helpful in spasmodic muscular pain, cramps, and rheumatic pains. It reduces general uneasiness and weakness in the body.

Muscular pain

A cramp is an uncontrollable and painful spasm of a muscle. Muscular pain can be seen in any muscle of the body, but it is seen more commonly in muscles of the calf and foot. This pain can last for different periods of time. Sometimes this pain is corrected itself.

Cause of muscle cramp

Poor physical condition

Low mineral and electrolyte making imbalance in the body. Some conditions are related to low minerals and electrolytes like inadequate diet, dehydration, vomiting, and diarrhea. This further causes tightness and inflexible muscles.

Certain drugs including ACE inhibitors for lowering blood pressure, drug addiction cocaine, and statins for lower cholesterol.

Infections like Lyme disease, malaria, muscle abscess, polio, roundworm infection can lead to muscular pain.

Symptoms of muscular cramp

    • Twitching of muscle
    • The sudden sensation of uncontrollable and painful spasms in the muscle.
    • Pain, tenderness, and disturbing range of movement.
    • The risk factor of muscle cramp
    • Tightness and inflexibility muscles
    • Poor physical condition
    • Poor muscle tone
    • Poor diet
    • Excessive physical activity
    • Injury to muscles
    • Excessive perspiration leads to an imbalance of electrolytes.
    • Reasons for Muscular pain
    • Fatigue of muscles.
    • Dehydration which can be due to various reason which includes vomiting, low fluid intake, diarrhea.
    • Low blood supply to muscles.
  • In ladies, it is seen that high-heeled shoes for long periods can lead to muscles cramp.
  • Sometimes muscle cramp is related to some medical conditions like-
  • Atherosclerosis in which there is a narrowing of arteries is seen as a result of deposition of the clot, which also causes low blood supply. It can cause severe pain.
  •  Sciatica causes pain in the buttock and leg. This condition is caused by pressure on nerves in the lower back.
  • Some medicines can also cause severe muscular pain like regular use of diuretics. These drugs cause a disturbance in mineral balance and lead to cramping in muscles.
  • General advice to get relief from muscle cramps-
  • If anyone is experiencing muscle cramps he should try gentle and sustained stretch. It is followed by a light massaging area until cramp relief.
  • In case of severe cramp, an icepack can be used for a few minutes. The use of ice helps to relax muscles.

How to Prevent Muscular Cramp

  • Exercise helps in increasing physical fitness.
  • Proper stretching of muscles is very essential.
  • Warm-up and cooling down of body is very necessary.
  • Always drink plenty of water before, during, and after exercise.
  • A nutritious diet is very important. This includes plenty of fruits and vegetables.
  • A regular massage helps in lowering muscle tension.
  • Always wear properly fitted shoes.
  • Avoid high heels.

Brand/Manufacturer: Schwabe

Availability: Online and at medical stores

Type of medicine: Proprietary Homeopathic Medicine

Main Indication: Muscular pains

Contraindications: No known contraindication

Interactions: No known interaction

Side-effects: No known side effects


The product contains alcohol. In the case of children, pregnant and lactating ladies, and in certain serious liver and alcohol problems, consult a specialist.

Presentation: 30 ml glass bottle pack.

Schwabe ALPHA-MP Composition

  • Rhus Toxicodendron 3x – 10%
  • Bryonia alba 1x – 10%
  • Filipendula ulmaria – 30%
  • Cimicifuga racemosa 2x  – 10%
  • Urtica urens 1x – 10%
  • Excipients Q.S. Alcohol content 46% v/v

Rhus Toxicodendron 3x-It is a very good remedy for rheumatic pains. This remedy has an action on joints, tendons, and sheaths. It cures pain and stiffness. It can also be given for postoperative complications. The pain of this remedy becomes worse after motion. Complaints occur as a result of strains, over lifting, in wet weather. Rheumatism is seen in the cold season. It is suitable for a person who is sad and he has serious thoughts of suicide. He is very restless. He has a tendency of continuous change of position. He is very doubtful. He has great fear at night so that he cannot remain in bed. It is a very good remedy for osteoarthritis, where joints are hot and painful. Pain is tearing seen especially in tendons and ligaments. Rheumatic pains are seen in the nape of the neck, in the hands, and feet. He feels better by motion. His limbs are stiff and paralyzed. It is a very good remedy for Sciatica which gets worse from cold and wet weather. He is worse at night. It also cures feelings of loss of sensation and tingling in the feet. This feeling is seen after overwork. The patient has an irresistible desire to move or change the position. He has relief for a short time. When a person moves again the same relief follows which is for a short time.

Bryonia alba 1x It is a great remedy when a patient has stitching and tearing pain which is worse by motion. HE feels better by rest. He is worse by any motion. It is suited to a person who is irritable, having dry lips and mouth. He is very thirsty with a bitter taste. It is given to a person who is healthy and strong, having a dark complexion and is very irritable. He also suffers from physical weakness. It is a very good remedy for arthritis. It is given when a patient has red, swollen, hot joints. He feels stitching and tearing pain in the joint. He is worse from least movement. He has a habit of the constant motion of his left arm and leg.

Filipendula ulmaria- It is a very good remedy when a patient has heaviness in the lower limbs. Heaviness is seen especially on ascending steps. It also cures exhaustion with stretching and yawning.

Cimicifuga racemosa 2x  It is a very good remedy for muscular pain and cramps. These pains are seen in nearly every part of the body. Pain is like electric shocks seen here and there. It is given for patient who has great depression. It cures uneasy, restless feeling in the limbs. It is a very good remedy for rheumatism which affects muscles,s especially of large muscles. It cures heaviness in the feet. It is indicated for conditions like pain in limbs, excessive muscular soreness, uneasy feeling in limbs which causes restlessness. It treats weakness with the trembling of feet. It cures the bruised and sore feeling of the whole body.

Urtica urens 1x It is given for condition for gout and uric acid tendency. It is given when rheumatism with eruptions on the skin. It cures pain in the ankles and wrists.

Schwabe ALPHA-MP Important Therapeutic Uses

Schwabe ALPHA-MP is indicated in pain in muscles.

Schwabe ALPHA-MP Dosage

The recommended dosage of Schwabe ALPHA-MP is unless otherwise prescribed by the physician, 10-20 drops every hour which should be gradually reduced to 10-20 drops thrice a daily. If complaints are not relieved, a specialist.

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