SBL Rite hite Tablets for increasing Height

SBL Rite Hite Tablets is a Homeopathic medicine. It is a Homeopathic product prepared by the SBL company. It is one of the effective product of SBL which increase height fast. This product is prepared from natural homeopathic remedies. This remedy has no side effects. If taken regularly for a long time along with a good diet and do regular exercise can help increasing height. Its ingredients of help to increase the growth of cells and hence the growth in the body. This helps to provide sufficient nutrition to the bone cells and help in their rapid growth.

It is seen that if SBL Rite hite is started at an early age, it helps children to attain a good height till they reach the aged of adolescence. It is a growth promoter that is indicated for those children who due to any reason do not grow satisfactorily. They suffer from slow and difficult digestion.

SBL Rite hite helps in cure several conditions in children like anemia, lack of concentration, and poor memory.

Growth in Children

Boys grow till the age of 21 and girls until 18 years. Growth in adulthood is not possible as cells in body are maturated and fully grown. Growth in individual stops around 20 years as a fusion of the end of bones is completed.

Factors that affect the height


It plays an important role in height. Parents who have short stature have short children. Height depends upon a combination of both genetic and non-genetic factors.

Ethnic groups

Different ethnic groups have a different pattern of growth. Like African-Caribbean is taller and heavier and Asian and Chinese groups are shorter and lighter than Caucasians.

Birth weight

Children with small birth weight can have an increased risk of cardiovascular disease. Lower birth weight is related to an increased death rate in infants.


Any disturbance in the hormones of a person like growth hormone, growth factor, testosterone, oestrogen, thyroid hormone, cortisol, insulin affects birth weight.


It is seen that nutrition plays a vital role in determining the height of an individual. Children who have a deficiency of energy, protein, and micronutrients caused by illness, neglect, or food insecurity have short stature.


General and mother age play a vital role in height of a child. Besides the socio-economic status of the mother and habits like smoking affect birth weight and growth. It is seen that infants born at high altitudes are smaller due to lower oxygen.

Alcohol, drug addiction, and smoking have a severe effect on the height and weight of babies.

Smoking causes the risk of prematurity in children.

Malnutrition cause failure of growth. It causes low weight and height. It is seen that when malnutrition is treated height and weight are correct.

Anorexia nervosa is seen in adolescent girls. In this condition affected individuals eat less which causes a lack of calories resulting in delayed growth. It is a psychological and possibly life-threatening eating disorder defined by an extremely low body weight relative to stature (this is called BMI [Body Mass Index] and is a function of an individual’s height and weight), extreme and needless weight loss, illogical fear of weight gain, and distorted perception of self-image and body.

Additionally, women and men who suffer from anorexia nervosa have abnormal eating patterns which result in thin figures. Anorexia nervosa is interchangeable with the term anorexia, which refers to self-starvation and lack of appetite. Malnutrition caused decreased skeletal maturation and caused the skeletal malformation.

Children having long-term illnesses have a difficult growth rate. It is seen that when this chronic disease is treated then growth is attained.

Socioeconomic Status-

Higher socioeconomic status includes higher income associated with better have better nutrition. They have better child care and better medical and social services.


It is seen that due to better nutrition, sufficient food supply, sanitation services, education in cities children are taller. The onset of puberty is an important factor in increasing in girls. The earlier onset of menarche plays important role in height. It is seen that the age of menarche is under the influence of genetic control.

Composition of SBL Rite hite Tablets

In equal proportion:

Baryta Carbonica: 3x It is a useful remedy for infants. It is a suitable remedy for children who are mentally and physically backward. At physical they are like dwarfs and they do not grow and develop properly. It is given to children who take cold easily and complains of swollen tonsils. the child also complains of offensive foot sweat. They are very weak and tires very easily. Mentally child is very weak. He also has a loss of memory. It is given when the child losses confidence in himself.

Silicea: 6x It is a very good remedy when a patient has difficult nutrition. It is a very good remedy for diseases of bones which has the destruction of bones. It is a very good remedy for children who have a large head and open fontanelles and sutures. Because of defective nutrition, he has distension of the abdomen. It is suitable for patients who always feels cold. He wants plenty of warm clothing. His hands and feet are cold. All his complaints are worse in winter. It can also be given who is slow in walking.

Calcarea Phosphorica: 3x It is a very good remedy for children who face difficulty with the eruption of teeth. They also suffer from bone disease. It is a very good remedy when a child has non: the union of fractured bones. It is suited for children who anemic who are very shy, fat, flabby. They cold extremities and difficult digestion. It has an action on bones, especially on sutures and symphyses.

Natrum muriaticum: 3x It is a very good remedy when a patient has difficulty in the assimilation of nutrients of the food. A patient takes a cold easily. A patient has a constrictive feeling all over the body. It cures weakness inpatient.

Excipients q.s. to one tablets of 250mg.

Indications of SBL Rite Hite tablets

  • SBL Rite hite is recommended for children who feel weakness in their bones and loss of energy and strength.
  • SBL Rite hite provides sufficient energy to work efficiently.
  • SBL Rite hite increases the stamina of working for a longer time as it naturally provides nutrition to body cells.
  • SBL Rite hite makes children more and energetic to perform their daily activities.
  • SBL Rite hite is recommended for children who feel weakness in their bones and loss of energy and strength.
  • SBL Rite hite provides sufficient energy to work efficiently.
  • SBL Rite hite increases the stamina of working for a longer time as it naturally provides nutrition to body cells.
  • SBL Rite hite makes children more and energetic to perform their daily activities.

Dosage of SBL Rite Hite tablets

  • Children below 13 years: 1 tablet once a day.
  • Children above 13 years: 2 tablets once a day.


  • Always store Rite Hite tablets in the container in which medicine came in.
  • Always keep the lid tightly closed.
  • Keep the medicine out of reach of children.
  • Store the medicine at room temperature.
  • Keep the medicine away from excess heat and moisture.

Tips that increase height

To take proper food. Children should eat nutritious food which helps in the development of bones and muscles of the body. Parents should special care that children should take foods rich in calcium and phosphorus which helps in gaining height.

  • Regular exercise is a very important height.
  • Games like basketball and skipping are very helpful in increasing height.
  • Good sleep is very necessary for good health. It is important for increasing height.
  • Bad habits like alcohol and smoking should be avoided. If a child has a habit of taking this substance it slows down the body processes and causes a slower growth rate.
  • Always maintain proper sitting and standing posture for maintaining good height.
  • Always sit straight back which helps in stretching the muscles.

Vitamin D is very essential for absorption along with exposure to sunlight. This helps in bone growth and hence helps in increasing height.

  • Contraindications: No known contraindication of Rite: Hite tablets.
  • Interactions: No known interaction of Rite: Hite tablets
  • Side: effects: No known side effects of Rite: Hite tablets.
  • Available packs size: 25gms and 450 gms. Each tablet 250 mg.

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