Urinary tract infection treatment

A urinary tract infection is an infection caused by bacteria in urinary tract. In this infection you feel burning sensation, pain and some time you may get fever in urinary tract infection.

UTI may occur in both men and women and symptoms of UTI may vary in different people and you should consult a doctor for diagnosis and treatment if you have UTI symptoms. Treatment of UTI in allopath is simple by a course of antibiotic’s.

Natural Ayurvedic remedies for Urinary tract infection:

In ayurveda reason of Urinary tract infection is imbalance of ?PITTA DOSA?. So treatment of Urinary tract infection in Ayurveda is to treat root cause of Urinary tract infection to avoid re-occurrence is balancing ?PITTA DOSA?.

Here are the main reason for ?PITTA DOSA? are:

– Eating spicy and sour foods.

– Drinking less water

– Consumption of alcohols

– Holding urine by hobbit

– Environmental factor such as pollution, working with chemicals

Diet for Treating Urinary tract infection:

– Drinking plenty of water

– Avoidance of alcohol, caffeine, carbonated beverages, coffee, chocolate, refined and processed foods, refined sugars

– Eating green vegetable and fruits which are good toxin cleansers

– Eating citrus fruits because these are full of vitamin C and make urine more acidic and acidic environment is less hospitable to bacteria.

– Eat 5 gm amla and 5 gm jaggery every day

Precautions to be taken to avoid Urinary tract infection:

– Wash private body parts before intercourse and drink a glass of water before sex.

– Urinate before and after intercourse

– Urinate as soon as possible when you feel pressure

– Take shower and avoid bath tub

– Boil 20 grams of hair of maize in water and drink the after filtering it

– Coriander is very good in PITTA DOSA, you can drink coriander juice or eat fresh coriander leaves

– Shilajit is very good for treating Treating Urinary tract infection.

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