Home remedy for gastric problem

Gastric problem arise due to too much gas in stomach. This causes abdominal pain, heaviness and discomfort.

There are many reasons for excessive gas formation like:

– Consuming carbonated drinks, coffee, tea

– Eating packaged foods that contain preservatives

– Swallowing food without proper chewing

– Eating too much in dinner

– Swallowing air with chewing gums

– Certain food items causes more gas production like peas, sprouts etc

– Eating fruits empty stomach

Here are some home remedies to get relief from gas and bloating in stomach:

– Mix ginger juice, lemon juice and honey and take three time a day.

– Take little asafetida or hing and lemon juice and mix well and consume to release gas.

– Take equal quantities of Bacha, Harad, Chitrkamul, Jawakhar, Pipal and linseed. Dry and grind to make powder. Take 3 gm of it with warm water

– Take one tbs juice of onion, ginger and garlic. Mix with three tbs of honey and take it before the meals

– Mix 1tbs ginger juice and pinch of rock salt and consume

– Mix lemon juice with two grams of powdered black pepper in water and drink for ten to twelve days twice daily to avoid gastric problem

– Swallow one grain of asafetida with water to release gas

– Mix asafetida with water and apply on the navel region and stomach. Diluted hing and water mix can also be applied in case of infants to release gas

– Mix castor oil with butter and massage on the stomach

– Mix lemon juice and jaiphal and eat it

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